Description of PrivacyGuardPro and consequences of its residing on your PC

If to compare the face of PrivacyGuardPro (PrivacyGuardPro) and PrivacyProtectionSuite, you are unlikely to tell one from another; the only difference is the name of program referred to in the skins of these applications. It proves that these applications are misleading, and we believe PrivacyGuardPro has been released because of the increasing (un)popularity of PrivacyProtectionSuite, the latter is the program that had been released prior to the former. No matter which f these two are installed in your computer, remove PrivacyGuardPro and PrivacyProtectionSuite as fake privacy protection tools. They are installed normally either secretly or through the bothering flow of misleading alerts at the fake online scanners. The trialware of PrivacyGuardPro makes a request for the enormous portion of RAM, and Windows normally satisfies it. This creates a regular shortage of resource, so the programs that relay need it cannot run at all or do not run properly. That leads to sudden system reboots and losses of temporary data that you have not been in time to save.
Where this malware has been installed with trojan, you need also to remove PrivacyGuardPro subservient trojan as the trojan is normally a servant for many masters: consequentially, other rogue applications may or have already been installed with this PrivacyGuardPro’s trojan. Click here to start free scan in order to reveal infections and get rid of PrivacyGuardPro, incl. all associated viruses and trojans and other types of rogues.

PrivacyGuardPro Technical Details

  • Full name: PrivacyGuardPro, Privacy GuardPro, PrivacyGuard Pro, Privacy Guard Pro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

PrivacyGuardPro screenshot:

Signs of being infected with PrivacyGuardPro:

The screenshot above is a typical window of PrivacyGuardPro; the rogue attempts to adjust Windows to allow its appearance at the beginning of every Windows session. Within this PrivacyGuardPro window, scan for privacy risks and errors is started, and it is hard to suspend it. The results of the scan are either false positives or the files with adult content or browsing history entries that the rogue has created by its own. There is no use to let this application run freely and it is good to remove PrivacyGuardPro at the earliest opportunity. The earliest opportunity is, as a rule, when the window of PrivacyGuardPro is displayed. However, in the specific case of installation with trojan, you may remove PrivacyGuardPro in advance, for the trojan may redirect your browser to the websites adverting PrivacyGuardPro and directly to the purchase form of this program. If you have noted these frequent redirections prior to the trialware installation, there is an option to remove PrivacyGuardPro in advance removing the corresponding trojan.
Click here in order to start free computer investigation and remove PrivacyGuardPro and relevant trojan as appropriate.

Automatic Removal of PrivacyGuardPro from your PC:

PrivacyGuardPro, as you can see, may have been installed with other infections. This way to remove PrivacyGuardPro is a warranty of your PC deliverance from any type of threats and allows you to remove PrivacyGuardPro again in case of re-installation. Follow the link below in order to start free scan get rid of PrivacyGuardPro.

Download PrivacyGuardPro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of PrivacyGuardPro:

PrivacyGuardPro manual removal is to be performed after you have closed every program. Therefore, you need to print PrivacyGuardPro removal guide out.
In order to make sure you have managed to remove PrivacyGuardPro manually, follow the link above and scan the computer for free; if other threats found, there are two options of their removal: also manual that requires you to find and apply relevant guides, or automatic removal (continue using StopZilla!).

Remove PrivacyGuardPro files and dll’s

PrivacyGuard RPO.lnk
Uninstall PrivacyGuard PRO.lnk

Unregister PrivacyGuardPro registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PrivacyGuardPro, Inc.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PrivacyGuardPro, Inc.\PrivacyGuardPro
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PrivacyGuard PRO 2.0

PrivacyGuardPro Remover with free scan