Description of PrivacyControl and consequences of its residing on your PC

PrivacyControl (Privacy Control) is often a number one threat for safety of computers and of no use for privacy protection. It is adverted through misleading banner ads and links leading to its sponsored web-pages where the rogue is available for download as trialware. Direct opening of PrivacyControl purchase form is also possible. Even having paid for PrivacyControl malware, users are nevertheless recommended to remove PrivacyControl, because this application will soon ask to update it. This proposal will be made by means of annoying notifications and freezes of your system. PrivacyControl is described by its vendors as a great fighter for your private life confidentiality, but in fact cannot find any compromising material, nor remove it.  Click here  to scan computer free of charge and remove PrivacyControl at once.

PrivacyControl Technical Details

  • Full name: PrivacyControl, Privacy Control, Privacy-Control
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

PrivacyControl Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with PrivacyControl:

PrivacyControl detection is unlikely to be your headache in case of manual download. However, there are may be extraordinary situations when user did not pay much attention to the deed of this program trial installation and then increased the security preferences to the highest level thus disabling the pop-ups and program window launching by PrivacyControl. There could be also a popup-blocker installed that did not let PrivacyControl disclose its presence and ask for registration. This would, however, activate trojan to change your settings and this at least would result in frequent freezes and finally the system might be hardly affected. Normally, both in case of hidden and manual installation, PrivacyControl would show numerous pop-ups and standard program window with the registration option. As soon as you have seen this, remove PrivacyControl. Click here  to start free scan now to identify this and other malware and viruses and trojans and worms and get rid of PrivacyControl.

Automatic Removal of PrivacyControl from your PC:

Automated option of PrivacyControl removal is a warranty that you will remove PrivacyControl forever and remove any related trojans – well, the unrelated will be as well removed. Start downloading right now to remove PrivacyControl using a professional solution.

Download PrivacyControl Removal Tool

Manual Removal of PrivacyControl:

Please, take the following actions before you get rid of PrivacyControl manually:
– make sure you know how to manage the Registry and dll files deletion
– reboot Windows to ensure there is no active application and disable Internet connection if it is automatically established.
– print out the PrivacyControl removal guide

Remove PrivacyControl files and dll’s

PrivacyControl on the Web.lnk
Uninstall PrivacyControl.lnk

Unregister PrivacyControl registry values:


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