Description of Privacy Protection Suite and consequences of its residing on your PC

Privacy Protection Suite 2.0 or Privacy Protection Suite 2.1 is one of the first malware releases in the year of 2009. The right choice is to remove Privacy Protection Suite during 5 days free trial period promised at its home and partner’s websites. After this free period,  Privacy Protection Suite shows no trend to vanish and even strengthens its annoying activity. Failure to remove Privacy Protection Suite by the end of this period activates files associations responsible for binding system resources, first of  all RAM, that should create unfavorable environment for resource-demanding programs and even for rather simple text editors and audio players. The portion of resources captured will be increasing until you get rid of Privacy Protection Suite so that failure to remove Privacy Protection Suite sooner or later results in permanent system freeze.
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Privacy Protection Suite Technical Details

  • Full name: Privacy Protection Suite 2.1, PrivacyProtection Suite 2.1, PrivacyProtectionSuite 2.1
  • Version: 2009, 2.1, 2.0
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Privacy Protection Suite Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Privacy Protection Suite:

It is often a first sign of so called malware pre-infection state of your PC when your browser rather suddenly displays interesting websites like Please, avoid visiting this website even if you have already been redirected to, because it may contain additional infections. So called pre-infection mentioned above is a trojan that redirects browser of pre-infected machine to the websites pushing malware. In our case, there is a trojan redirecting browsing of infected machine to, a fake online scanner by PrivacyProtectionSuite malware.
The similar scan-show is displayed at your monitor in case of trialware or full (payable version) of Privacy Protection Suite installation. All the results of these scans are false positives and you should get rid of Privacy Protection Suite at the first sign of its presence or remove PrivacyProtection Suite pre-infection to secure your PC from malware invasion.
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Automatic Removal of Privacy Protection Suite from your PC:

A pure fact of malware or trojan installation means your system is vulnerable as it has not blocked malware and / or trojan. If you remove Privacy Protection Suite automatically, your PC will become protected with reliable security and malware, virus and trojan removal tool. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove Privacy Protection Suite.

Download Privacy Protection Suite Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Privacy Protection Suite:

Manual removal of Privacy Protection Suite may require to be combined with trojan removal in order to competently deliver your PC from various infections. In order to detect the trojan and find relevant instructions for its elimination, please do not hesitate following the link above; that will launch free scan so that you would make sure there are either no threats but Privacy Protection Suite actually threatening your computer safety or trojan of certain name needs to be removed. Major types of trojans are described including the removal tips at this website, if you nevertheless would not find the appropriate guide, please ask Google as we quite sure the trojan powering Privacy Protection Suite malware is a popular one and its removal process should be described in details at many security blogs and websites.

Remove Privacy Protection Suite files and dll’s

Unregister Privacy Protection Suite registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Privacy Protection Suite
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Privacy Protection Suite

Privacy Protection Suite Remover with free scan