Description of Presto TuneUp and consequences of its residing on your PC

It is hard to explain clearly why fake security tools are in dozen times more often pretend to be a mainly single-function utility than a multi-function. Our assumption is because they (single-function utilities) are:
– first-of-all, less in size and thus more easy to infect targeted computer systems; and
– maybe, more effective in scaring user as they draw whole attention of user running infected operating system to a single problem, which can be understood even by total computer dummy while other security problems may be unclear as such for inexperienced users.
This long preface is to introduce to you quite a rare specimen of rogue security/ computer optimization tool: remove Presto TuneUp as any other malware, despite it pretends to be more than a single-function application.  We would not suggest you to get rid of Presto TuneUp, if this software executed at least one of its functions. Click here to start removal of  Presto TuneUp, a useless but hazardous application.
Presto TuneUp has been trapped when virus performed its backdoor installation. If Presto TuneUp was installed on your computer system without your informed consent, there should be also viruses or other rogues. They may be more dangerous than Presto TuneUp for your computer system.

Presto TuneUp Technical Details

  • Full name: Presto TuneUp, Presto TuneUp, Presto TuneUp
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Presto TuneUp screenshot:

Signs of being infected with Presto TuneUp:

Presto TuneUp ads are quite often. However, they may have no direct reference to Presto TuneUp if nag screens fail to appear due to your system security restrictions. In such a case special attention shall be paid to alerts and pop-ups by Presto TuneUp. If you see alerts stating there are unnecessary files at your computer or alerting of your of similar problem, that hints at   Presto TuneUp infection. Finally, Presto TuneUp leads to the online purchase form offering user to pay a fee for its registration.
In order to detect and locate malware and viruses at your computer,  click here to remove Presto TuneUp.

Automatic Removal of Presto TuneUp from your PC:

Automated removal of Presto TuneUp is a warranty of complete Presto TuneUp removal by proved antimalware solution. If any other viruses or malware are residing at your computer, they will be removed at once. Follow the link below to remove Presto TuneUp automatically.

Download Presto TuneUp Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Presto TuneUp:

Please be informed that Presto TuneUp related rogues are numerous as do not specialize exclusively on distribution of fake security tools, as well as on distribution of Presto TuneUp only. Removal of Presto TuneUp using this manual guide cannot provide removal of related parasites.
Please pay attention that other software and Internet shall not be active when you are removing Presto TuneUp manually. This rule covers text editors. Hence you cannot run MS Word or similar program you need to have Presto TuneUp removal guide printed out.

Remove Presto TuneUp files and dll’s

Presto TuneUp.lnk
Presto TuneUp.lnk
Presto TuneUp.lnk

Unregister Presto TuneUp registry values:

Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform “URPRTUP[]”
Run “Presto TuneUp”

Presto TuneUp Remover with free scan