Description of PC Defender Antivirus consequences of its residing on your PC

PC Defender Antivirus (PCDefender Antivirus) targets the audience of users who watch movies or another video online as the common trickery that leads to its introduction is a fake codec request or any other request to upload system utility when instead of such utility they put a dummy. The dummy is either  PC Defender Antivirus itself or agent that performs backdoor installation of PC Defender Antivirus.
Yet, the above does not eliminate the risk to be infected for audience that even do not use Internet at all or use it on occasions as the rogue is also propagated by viruses and trojans. The infection is transferred via removable media and local networks.
And there is a third option – to upload and install PC Defender Antivirus; many users have been lured to do so after being redirected to PC Defender Antivirus’s website, because the website states without lingering that unless PC Defender Antivirus is uploaded, your system is likely to collapse  soon.
Unless you remove PC Defender Antivirus, your system is likely to collapse. That might happen quite soon or quite late and be either a result of PC Defender Antivirus effort or other infections activities, because until you trust PC Defender Antivirus you are running your PC unprotected and so your system is vulnerable to viruses.
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PC Defender Antivirus Technical Details

  • Full name: PC Defender Antivirus, PCDefender Antivirus, PCDefenderAntivirus
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Malware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with PC Defender Antivirus :

Click here in case of encountering difficulties to detect or identify PC Defender Antivirus. Cases happen when users are uncertain if they have got infected with  PC Defender Antivirus; those cases happen when the rogue cannot  show its nag screens at a frequency it demands due to system response and interference with the adware. Otherwise, PC Defender Antivirus might be adjusted by hackers not to show alerts and nag screens in which its name is mentioned so that users may consider the alerts popped up by PC Defender Antivirus as system alerts.
Please be aware that you are recommended to remove PC Defender Antivirus asap as the rogue does damage to the computer system it is installed on, not to mention the annoyance you are putting up with until you get rid of PC Defender Antivirus.

Automatic Removal of PC Defender Antivirus from your PC:

There are several essential advantages you enjoy choosing to remove PC Defender Antivirus automatically in comparison to the option of PC Defender Antivirus removal in manual mode. Automated removal of PC Defender Antivirus provides absolutely safe and complete elimination of PC Defender Antivirus and related infections while in case of manual PC Defender Antivirus removal your system safety is subject to your following the removal tips without errors. Further on, you remain protected by daily updated antispyware after removing PC Defender Antivirus and other digital infections.
Follow the link provided below to initiate quick and safe PC Defender Antivirus removal and to protect your PC from infecting in future.

PC Defender Antivirus Removal Tool

Manual Removal of PC Defender Antivirus:

It is important to change system mode to Safe Mode with Networking before initiating manual PC Defender Antivirus removal as that is to prevent any likely to occur system error and deletion of legit files during PC Defender Antivirus removal process.  Extra safety tips are to disable Internet connections and run no software while you are dealing with PC Defender Antivirus removal.

Remove PC Defender Antivirus files and dll’s:

%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Desktop\Pc Defender Antivirus.lnk

%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Start Menu\Programs\Pc Defender Antivirus

%Program Files%\Pc Defender Antivirus

Unregister PC Defender Antivirus registry values:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Pc Defender Antivirus”

PC Defender Antivirus Remover with free scan