Description of OS Protection and consequences of its residing on your PC

OS Protection (OSProtection) kindly provides us with screenshots of its nag screens “to be convinced in the powerful combination of tools”, the ad of OS Protection reads us. These screenshots are available at the website of OS Protection, it is not recommended to visit this website even if you have already visited it or have been infected with trial version of OS Protection. Instead of convincing us at the mightiness of OS Protection, its screenshots convince us that OS Protection and Spyware Protect 2009 belong to one and same branch of malware, at least they share same skins.
Likewise Spyware Protect 2009 and most malware, OS Protection is promoted mainly through the trialware which is annoying and harmful program installed through various trickery, mainly through the fake online scanners and with trojans. Failure to remove OS Protection leads to the system disordering and also data deletion as there are files issuing commands to delete data files among the files constituting malware of OS Protection. These commands, in combination with fake alerts and scan with a number of false positives, should, according to the plan of rascals, make users pay for registration in order to delete fake scan results of OS Protection.
If you are infected with this rogue, you should first of all remove OS Protection to stave off the danger of system crush and to stop the endless flow of fraudulent alerts. Click here  to get rid of OS Protection.

OS Protection Technical Details

  • Full name: OS Protection, OSProtection, OS-Protection
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation,

OS Protection screenshot:

Signs of being infected with OS Protection:

OS Protection is unlikely to run in a quiet mode, for it should bother users so they are more likely to buy it. However, there may be cases when its nag screens are banned by Windows and users see only alerts of unknown for them origin. These alerts lead to the purchase form of OS Protection; thus, OS Protection may be always recognized but alerts stating your PC has various problems or similar typical misleading info or showing alerts of similar content.
OS Protection normally adjusts Windows so that their nag screens are allowed to appear and appear once the Windows is started. The nag screen represents free scan in progress; however, that is just a show and no real investigation; all the scan results are imaginary names. There is no need to worry about threats detected by OS Protection; in contrary, you need to remove OS Protection and its subservient trojans, if any, as a first step of your computer cleanup. Click here in order to detect for free and get rid of OS Protection, as well as to establish what other infections harm your computer, if any.

Automatic Removal of OS Protection from your PC:

The best protection against OS Protection malware is to remove it manually: this will allow you to get rid of OS Protection once and for all, including all its subservient programs, and avoid its re-installation or rather re-invasion, owing to the tool for OS Protection removal provides your computer with permanent protection and regularly monitors computer revealing infections, if any has managed to break through your computer protection. Follow the link below in order to remove OS Protection, as well as any other threats.

Download OS Protection Removal Tool

Manual Removal of OS Protection:

There may be other infections in addition to OS Protection harming your computer, which is why the scan is always recommended. Follow the link above to start free scan in order to make sure the manual removal of OS Protection has been successfully completed and make sure there are no other infections or find out what. To remove them manually, we are recommending to search this and other similar websites and to apply corresponding instructions to remove other rogues manually.
Please, print this instruction out as you would better close every program, incl. text editors and browsers, before the beginning of OS Protection removal.

Remove OS Protection files and dll’s

OS Protection.lnk
Uninstall OS Protection.lnk

Unregister OS Protection registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OS Protection
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “OS Protection”

OS Protection Remover with free scan