Description of OpenCloud AV and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

OpenCloud AV is a continued scam as it has been grown from the same seed as OpenCloud Security and Wolfram Antivirus. These names are only few applications representing single strain of software that belong to the malware class of fake antivirus products.
The program is notorious for being injected in whole from website which malicious codes exploit vulnerabilities of computer system connected. Apart from that, one can find computer system scanned remotely. The scan is performed on behalf of unspecified software. It is not a real scan, of course, but a show of the same kind as any reports generated by the fake antivirus.
The (fake) online scan prompts users to download and install the program in question. That is another method for the adware infiltration. Click here to initiate free memory research and get rid of OpenCloud AV as blacklisted software of notorious fake antivirus family.

Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: OpenCloud AV, Open Cloud AV, OpenCloudAV
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation, Ukraine
  • Serial code (activation number): DB038748-B4659586- 4A1071AF-32E768CD-36005B1B- F4520642-3000BF2A-04FC910B \ for manual activation and further removal

Signs of being infected with OpenCloud AV

Already during the adware infiltration it is possible to catch a sign of the program. This, however, is subject to the routine applied to drop the program into targeted PC.
If you are recurrently routed to the page which supposedly scans computer memory remotely and eventually generates download box, this might be a hint at the adware invasion. Click here for proactive response by scanning and blocking content from the web, as necessary. The suggested remedy will certainly remove MalwareCatcher on after-installation stage, if it has come that far.
Once installed, the adware is focused on showing various popups, including desktop tray notifications. This suggests the software is a Windows specific infection. The desktop tray warning refers to task manager infection which disables application from running. To prove its own words, the adware promptly terminates several processes in task manager, which almost inevitably blocks arbitrary software.

OpenCloud AV automatical removal:

The automated routine suggested in this article is based on multi-purpose security suite for computer security. Despite the adware is of specific malware strain, to remove OpenCloud AV in a due way requires thorough memory examination to ensure extermination of every infection regardless of its type. Click the link below to get every piece of malware detected and eradicated.

OpenCloud AV Removal Tool

Manual Removal of OpenCloud AV:

This manual might contain exceeding steps, for it aims at covering every file and every possible variant of the rogue antivirus. Please avoid skipping any step without thoroughly ensuring the relevant entry is missed in your variant of the fraudware.

Remove OpenCloud AV files and dll’s:

%StartMenu%\Programs\OpenCloud AV\
%StartMenu%\Programs\OpenCloud AV\Buy OpenCloud AV.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\OpenCloud AV\Launch OpenCloud AV.lnk
%UserProfile%\Desktop\Buy OpenCloud AV.lnk

Unregister OpenCloud AV registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{19090308-636D-4e9b-A1CE-A647B6F794BF}

OpenCloud AV Remover with free scan