Virus description and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

NSA (Internet Surveillance Program) virus deprives you of access to your PC. It pretends to block your operating system in line with PRISM, official Program by US government.
This is a typical scam. It is based on standard hacking tool and references to respected organizations. The infection is severe, but you can easily remove NSA Virus, if you click here to claim free scan help.
Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: NSA Malware, NSA (Internet Surveillance Program) ransomware, PRISM virus
  • Type: Ransomware, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation


Signs of NSA Virus Infection:

The ransomware generates basically a single popup that is shown as soon as your system starts loading. This accuses you of violating US law and demands USD 300 as supposed penalty.
As a rule, Safe Mode is banned so that if victim tries to get rid of NSA Virus by manually killing its entries (yet these need to be detected), here comes fake blue screen of death generated by the same infection. Click here in order that a professional security solution would free-scan your PC and clean this critical malware.

NSA Virus automatical removal:

Many security solutions suffer unwelcome treatment of the rogue in question during the installation as it applies advanced malicious tricks. This leads to failure to remove NSA Virus – but this is not the case with the solution below as it features advanced methods in the course of its installation (this ensures you get it installed) and in fulfilling its malware extermination mission.

NSA Virus Removal Tool

Manual Removal of NSA Virus:

The entries of ransomware are often technically changed so that this manual may go out-of-date in terms of the names it refers to. However, it is kept true to currently spread versions of the malware to the best of our knowledge and belief, yet it is good to get rid of NSA Virus with the solution recommended above.

Remove NSA Virus files and dll’s:


Unregister NSA Virus registry values:


NSA Virus removal