Description of NoMalware and consequences of its residing on your PC

NoMalware or No Malware adware is a part of complex swindle arranged by notorious hackers’ band. There are two adware tools considered as No Malware adware and crowds of so called IT geeks working for big Internet security companies and pretending to analyze malware and viruses suggesting solutions of those companies to remove them. In case of No Malware it is obvious that there is more then one independent adware, but that fact is not mentioned in any reports on No Malware preceding this one. Therefore you need to remove No Malware adware posed as No Malware trialware, as well as its backdoor adware that is a browser infection that exploits vulnerability of your browser to show No Malware ads. In addition, there is a number of trojans which might be downloaded and installed prior to the adware-trialware of No Malware to arrange its secret downloading and further installation, and which further facilitate development of the scam doing true harm to your computer system. You may remove No Malware hijacker and trialware manually or сlick here to start free scan and get rid of No Malware scam applying properly verified antispyware.

NoMalware Technical Details

  • Full name: No Malware, NoMalware, No-Malware
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Ukraine

NoMalware screenshot (click to enlarge):


Signs of being infected with NoMalware:

No Malware trialware is often downloaded after hijacker as a result of its activities, especially frequent redirections to its website where No Malware trialware is available for downloading. Once downloaded and installed, it shows a number of alerts and several nag screens, including fake scan windows, luring users to pay activation fee. Remove No Malware to get rid of intrusive ads by it, which cause slow computer problem and sudden shut-downs of legit software. Click here to get No Malware remover.

Automatic Removal of NoMalware from your PC:

The only way to ensure complete removal of No Malware scam in a broad meaning is to remove No Malware automatically, for only automated No Malware removal will include overall system scan and detection and removal of any infections found. However, if you believe you need to remove No Malware adware only, you are free to launch manual No Malware removal, which is an alternate way to get rid of No Malware hijacker and trialware.

No Malware Removal Tool

Manual Removal of NoMalware:

Manual safety tips for No Malware removal is a simple to follow advice, which we insist you must do in order to make sure neither your personal data and software nor your computer system will be damaged because of No Malware removal. That is not to be misunderstood in the way that after your performing safety measure you cannot do any harm due to incomplete applying  of No Malware removal steps (follow the steps below precisely avoiding any mistyping).
The said security tip is to reboot and remain out of running any software and disconnected to the Internet until finishing No Malware removal.

Remove No Malware files and dll’s:

1 NOMalware.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister No Malware registry values:


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