Description of MacroVirus consequences of its residing on your PC

MacroVirus (Macro Virus) is a macro language parasite propagated exploiting software vulnerabilities.
MacroVirus targets data processing applications like text editors. It is embedded in such applications and executed when users launch the infected program.
You need to remove MacroVirus without delays as the rogue is known to act extremely promptly and all its actions are aimed at causing damage to your computer system. In particular,  MacroVirus may execute the upload and unauthorized installation of commercial malware like fake antispyware etc.
Other bad effects of MacroVirus are considered, to the purposes of the MacroVirus review, as the sings of  MacroVirus presence and therefore are described in the relevant section below. If you are going to get rid of MacroVirus immediately, click here.

MacroVirus Technical Details

  • Full name: MacroVirus, Macro Virus, Macro-Virus
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Malware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with MacroVirus:

MacroVirus does not notify of its presence as it is not adware. It may be suspected to infect your working station, if you have adware as MacroVirus facilitates upload of such apps.
There are following common symptoms of MacroVirus infection:
– System gets slower
– Applications fail to run and to start
– Data is copied and deleted and without your command
– System is reconfigured, especially in the sense of security and privacy preferences
New software may start running, but you have not allowed or requested its upload and installation.
Click  here to make sure you have exactly this infection and remove MacroVirus and/or other parasites detected.

Automatic Removal of MacroVirus from your PC:

MacroVirus is a macro threat for your computer system and requires rather a complex system purification. Follow the link below to detect and remove MacroVirus and other infections which presence is very likely, since furthering infiltration of other scamware and viruses is one of the MacroVirus key features.

MacroVirus Removal Tool

Manual Removal of MacroVirus:

In order to check whether you need to remove MacroVirus or another infection, clicking the link above is advised. That would launch free scan and let you identify and locate any infection.
In order to get rid of  MacroVirus without any damage to your computer system, set Safe Mode, disable Internet connections an do not launch any progs while removing MacroVirus.

Remove MacroVirus files and dll’s:


Unregister MacroVirus registry values:

%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 May 13 – 05_12_57 AM_906.log
%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 May 13 – 05_12_57 AM_953.log
%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 May 13 – 05_14_38 AM_578.log
%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 May 13 – 05_14_40 AM_624.log
%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 log
%AppData%\MacroVirus\Log\2010 May 13 – 05_14_40 AM_656.log
%CommonPrograms%\MacroVirus\MacroVirus on the Web.lnk
%CommonPrograms%\MacroVirus\Uninstall MacroVirus.lnk
%Windir%\Tasks\MacroVirus Scheduled Scan.job

MacroVirus Remover with free scan