Description of MacDefender and consequences of its residing on your PC

Whether you are an Mac user or you run Windows on your PC, your operating system is  vulnerable to MacDefender (Mac Defender). The program is adware that fakes antivirus presumably compatible with MAC operating systems only. However, the program is viable equally on Window computers  as Windows users post no less number of abuses related to this program than Mac users.
The adware is typically downloaded under the following name: “”.
It pretends to provide a fix to computer systems against viruses and errors. Also, it fake online detection of computer problems so that is why users download it deliberately.
Failure to remove MacDefender or leads to slow computer problem and allows the adware to popup misleading and annoying messages. Long-time disregarding of the computer security counterfeit may eventually cause system collapse.

MacDefender Technical Details:

  • Full name: MacDefender, Mac-Defender, Mac Defender
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with MacDefender

The adware behavior slightly differs subject to the computer system it is installed on and subject to the way it has been installed.
If you are a Windows users, you will see less number of popups titled BestMacAntivirus 2011 as the adware might  identify your computer system and thus try to conceal the contradiction of names, namely the strange mismatching of Mac Antivirus that protects Windows OS.
Naturally Mac OS infected with the adware will show you much more popups titled MacDefender  and containing occurrences of the adware name in their body.
Where the adware has been installed by user as a zip file or otherwise (but still by user), it is less inclined to conceal its identity than it in case its installation is result of a trojan efforts that is able to introduce the fake utility without agreement and conscious participation of a user concerned.
In any case, you are unlikely to complain on scarcity of the adware detection signs, for it is but adware – hence, it overloads computer systems with its popups.

MacDefender automatical removal:

Judging by the adware name, most of its victims should be Mac users. However, number of abuses received proves it is a security problem evenly distributed between PC users irrespective of computer system they prefer so that Windows user constitute overwhelming majority. No matter what computer system you use, follow the below recommended link to fix the MacDefender removal problem.

Download Removal Tool (BitDefender Antivirus for Mac)

Manual Removal of MacDefender:

Both Mac and Windows users need to take into account that the adware names its essential files in a way that makes them similar to computer systems core files. Therefore extreme precaution should be applies when removing MacDefender to avoid the risk of legitimate files corruption.

Remove MacDefender files:


BitDefender Antivirus for Mac