Description of KeepCop and consequences of its residing on your PC

Remove KeepCop (Keep Cop) as another counterfeit of notorious due to extremely big number of its members Wini family of counterfeits. KeepCop is distributed by trojan previously applied to distribute other members of Wini family. Another way for KeepCop dissemination is based on application of system of online ads; the said system spread its roots as deep as to comments at popular blogs and forums which contain a solely of link leading to websites posed as a home-page of KeepCop or offering its downloading among other options, and as far as to ad banners and popups at rather popular websites publishing ads without proper verification. Click here to remove KeepCop and to eliminate its annoying ads after it downloading and installation have been performed in one of the above ways or in a way yet not known to us.

KeepCop Technical Details

  • Full name: KeepCop, Keep Cop, Keep-Cop
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

KeepCop screenshot (click to enlarge):

Keep Cop

Signs of being infected with KeepCop:

KeepCop represents a new design for GUI of Wini family. That design was initially applied in  AntiAID, which is thus a clone of KeepCop in terms of its skins.
You will see the first signs of KeepCop activities after the very first reboot following its installation.  There is, as a rule, its front window that is soon transformed into scan window automatically or else you may choose to start free scan. The overall design of the front window is, in general, the same for KeepCop and AntiAID and for all its ancestors based on different front window. Remove KeepCop as you see its first nag screens or alerts; in general, the front window precedes alerts, but exceptions occur under special security settings of infected system.
Click here to detect infections harming your computer system and to get rid of KeepCop  in a good time; regarding the above mentioned secondary  adware subservient to main  KeepCop adware, its signs have been unwittingly but sufficiently considered in the section above and it will be also removed, if you follow the link in above paragraph.

Automatic Removal of KeepCop from your PC:

KeepCop removal may require detecting and removing subservient parasites, where they are considered to be part of its scam. Automated tool to remove KeepCop is a  100% matching to the purposes of identification all sorts of threats in the memory, including the most recent.
Follow the link provided below to initiate free scan in order to detect all rogue entries in the memory of your PC and to get rid of KeepCop is a safe way covering all related infections.

Download KeepCop Removal Tool

Manual Removal of KeepCop:

Manual procedure for KeepCop demands from you, to the purposes of your system safety, to reboot and avoid launching any software until last part of KeepCop removal process is completed. Besides, it is strongly recommended to disable Internet connection while you are performing manual KeepCop removal.

Remove KeepCop files and dll’s:

1 KeepCop.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister KeepCop registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “KeepCop”

KeepCop Remover with free scan