Description of IronDefense consequences of its residing on your PC

This Wini rogue antispyware product is usually dropped in a bundle with another fake system utility that pretends to assist in Registry managing. You need to remove IronDefense and RegistryClever at once, since both programs are annoying and malicious. Click here to upload and activate free scanner in order to detect, and dispose of, this and other counterfeits.

IronDefense Technical Details

  • Full name: IronDefense, IronDefense, Iron-Defense
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with IronDefense:

When describing signs of the adware it is critical to define limits of advertisement that betrays infection after its invasion in order to tell them from casual ads. This pretended virus fighter usually comes from online scanners, which are popped up in web-browser. When user is drawn to online fake scanner, it might be difficult to leave it since the website attempts to hijack web-browser. It may happen that download of related adware will be started automatically, if browser settings so permit.
Online scanner of IronDefense lays within limits of the scam and is to be treated as a sign of browser hijacker, or, at least, to be a reason for thorough system scan to see whether it has been a hijacker that forced browser to open the scan page or the website was downloaded thanks to redirection of user’s surfing by means of banners or popups or spam or flood.
The online scanner suggests to uploads trialware of IronDefense, which is meant to be a kernel of the trickery. It is a typical Wini counterfeit of GUI (user’s interface) identical to a number of predecessors. Even its name is almost identical to its closest clone: IronDefense (ending is underlined to show the difference).

Automatic Removal of IronDefense from your PC:

Double removal is usually required to clean computer system after the infection, since the rogue antispyware usually comes bundled with RegistryClever, which is a release of fake cleaner for System Registry. In addition, the rogue, especially if dropped from the backdoor, is accompanied by several viruses and trojans. As a conclusion, to apply comprehensive scanner is a reasonable suggestion. Follow the link below to get rid of IronDefense and other cyber pests after their detection by reliable scanner.

IronDefense Removal Tool

Manual Removal of IronDefense:

In order to remove IronDefense manually safely, reboot in Safe Mode. To remove related fake Registry cleaner, please search this website for relevant manual guide as a description of RegistryClever with manual removal guide has been posted at

Remove IronDefense files and dll’s:

c:\Program Files\FDFCA\
c:\Program Files\FDFCA\F0E84.exe
c:\Program Files\FDFCA\Uninstall.exe
%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\IronDefense.lnk
%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\<random>.exe

Unregister IronDefense registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “F0E84.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “<random>.exe”

IronDefense Remover with free scan