Description of Internet Protection and consequences of its residing on your PC

Internet Protection is a product that is not expected by its creators to be used by people due to its actual virtues. However, its creators are really intended to have many computers hosting this program.
The hackers responsible for the software release act by means of deception and viruses to realize the above intention. That is, there are two main techniques applied to spread the program. One of them is a fake scanner presentation method whereas another is a direct introduction by viruses of trojan type.
In both cases users drawn into the scan need to remove Internet Protection as they have on their computers a selfish program. It actually does not care about examining and protecting neither online nor offline security. Instead of that, a number of harmless programs are deprived of system resources necessary for their full-capacity functioning due to the effort of the fake antivirus.
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Internet Protection Technical Details:

  • Full name: Internet Protection, InternetProtection, Internet-Protection
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation. Ukraine

Signs of being infected with Internet Protection:

Despite constituting a unique program code the software in question is a clone of several preceding programs. If you take for comparison such recently released parasites as AntimalwareTool and SecurityDefender the difference can hardly be found between faces of the above programs and that of Internet Protection.
The program’s main window is supported by a number of event specific popups. They may appear at extremely annoying frequency and come in sets, i.e. one after another as messages related to one and same subject or unrelated messages.
For instance, there is a set of fake firewall alert generated by Internet Protection adware. First alert in the set informs of harmful software attacking computer system and the second and the third notify of web-access prevention due to the worm attack and the need to block Internet access because of remote machine attack, respectively.
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Internet Protection automatical removal:

Software of this kind may be programmed to early detect and prevent its extermination attempts. That is, a special attention is to be paid to the adware response on its components abolishment.
Please apply the software below as it applies a technique enabling it to detect and remove Internet Protection without disturbing the adware protective facilities.  Furthermore, the suggested way of Internet Protection removal implies total system cleanup.

Internet Protection Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Internet Protection:

Due to the reasons explained in the section above Safe Mode is highly recommended while removing Internet Protection manually.
In order to set Safe Mode right now, please reboot and while Windows loading is prepared keep pressing F8 until Advanced Options Boot Menu appears. Please use arrow keys on your keyboard to choose Safe Mode  and click enter to order loading in the selected mode.

Remove Internet Protection files and dll’s:

c:%UserProfile%\Desktop\Internet Protection.lnk
c:%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\ins1.tmp
c:%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\mv2.tmp
c:\Program Files\Internet Protection\
c:\Program Files\Internet Protection\Internet Protection.dll

Unregister Internet Protection registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “<random numbers and characters>”

Internet Protection Remover with free scan

Internet Protection