Description of Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) and consequences of its residing on your PC

There are strong reasons to remove Internet Antivirus Pro, since this program, instead of healing, treat computers in quite opposite manner. Internet Antivirus Pro does not detect threats but only scare users with numerous false positives saying that these suspicious files must be removed. To remove “discovered” by Internet Antivirus Pro dangerous object user should pay for upgrade to full version.
Neither registered nor unregistered version of InternetAntivirus Pro can be just ignored. Of course, there is nothing wise in trusting messages of the malware, but the danger from Internet Antivirus Pro is expressed not only in annoyance and waste of money, as Internet Antivirus Pro intentionally slows down computer and facilitates system freezes so that ignorance is not the way: unless you perform timely Internet Antivirus Pro removal (if infected), system performance may be significantly depreciated. Click here to perform free malware and virus scan and get rid of Internet Antivirus Pro.

Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) Technical Details

  • Full name: Internet Antivirus Pro, InternetAntivirus Pro, InternetAntivirusPro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirus Pro):

Internet Antivirus Pro may be detected by the following:
–    pop-up screened with every Windows start-up. The pop-up main color may be yellow or blue like at the example shown above and pop-up’s title is “Internet Antivirus Pro – Scan – Unregistered”
–    alert saying your PC is infected and appears at your system tray
–    frequent system freezes; in case of installation with trojan, Internet Antivirus Pro may need to reboot your system many times after upload to complete the installation and start with pop-up and alerts.
Click here to remove Internet Antivirus Pro or just perform free scan in case of any uncertainty state to realize whether malware removal is needed or not.

Automatic Removal of Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) from your PC:

The very few cases happen when fake virus remover makes a single attack; in contrary, cases prevail of malware installation with partner’s rogues and supporting viruses. We recommend using complex tool to remove Internet Antivirus Pro and other malware and viruses. Follow the link below and start with free threat identification, then get rid of Internet Antivirus Pro and other rogues in automatic mode or manually.

Download Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro):

Antispyware 2009 removal is not too complicated and basic mode with some variations may be removed with the guidelines for Antispyware 2009 removal. However, there are, figurally saying, gang bands of supporting rogues which are always different in every particular case and may support Antispyware 2009 in your case too. That is why to ensure total system cleanup we recommend to scan your PC after Antispyware 2009 removal. You may follow the link above to upload free scanner (download Antispyware 2009 removal tool).

Remove Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) files and dll’s


Unregister Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirus Pro) registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Internet AntivirusPro2008?
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “InternetAntivirusPro2008

Internet Antivirus Pro (InternetAntivirusPro) Remover with free scan