Description of IE-Security and consequences of its residing on your PC

IE-Security (IESecurity) has been easily categorized a rogue antivirus and antispyware program of WinDefender’ family owing to its wonderful peculiarity of creating entry named WinDefender to your Add and Remove Program List at the Start Menu (WinDefender is rather old in terms of malware notorious fake security. This fairly looks like a carelessness of programmers who have developed this malware.
IE-Security is powered by trojan of Vundo type and thus IE-Security removal often requires to remove IE-Security corresponding trojan for total destruction of actual threats at your PC.  IE-Security comprises dll files responsible for detecting what programs are nots frequently used and interfering with their activities. Finally, corresponding programs files are deleted. Besides raising difficulties to the functioning of useful programs, IE-Security gets on our nerves with its pop-ups and program window so that is already a good reason to get rid of IE-Security. Click here  to detect threats for free and remove IE-Security and / or other infections found.

IE-Security Technical Details

  • Full name: IE-Security, IESecurity, IE Security
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation,

IE-Security Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with IE-Security:

Several observers have already noted that funny peculiarity of adding WinDefender name to the Program list at Start Menu. It is likely, however,  that hackers would read this and other posts about IE-Security and soon repair this mistake. Anyway, name of WinDefender or IE-Security is the evidence of malware presence.
IE-Security runs free scan after installation. The scan is started from IE-Security program window screened automatically right after Windows has been loaded. The results of scan represent real names of threats from the database compiled by the IE-Security programmers probably by extracting them from reliable internet security blogs and websites. Of course, the program does not check whether this programs actually present at your machine so that any coincidence is purely accidental. Click here to start free scan for detecting this and any other malware, as well as to remove IE-Security.

Automatic Removal of IE-Security from your PC:

It is the most secure way to remove IE-Security following the link below, because  there is a warranty of detecting all powering and related to IE-Security threats which amount to a number of trojans and worms and other fake security tools. Anyway, we are recommending to start the automatic  IE-Security removal process in order to detect for free what infections harm your PC. Having found them, you may remove them in the way you like; there is always an option of automatic removal or you may ask for relevant guides in the Internet, first of all we are recommending to make a query in the search box of this website.

Download IE-Security Removal Tool

Manual Removal of IE-Security:

It is essential requirement that there are no active programs except involved in the process, while you are removing IE-Security. To follow this rule, the best way is system reboot after you have printed these guidelines for IE-Security removal.
Tip: in order to make sure the IE-Security removal is successful, run free scan with StopZilla! following the link above

Remove IE-Security files and dll’s


Unregister IE-Security registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “IE-Security”

IE-Security Remover with free scan