Description of Guard Pro and consequences of its residing on your PC

There is a core of Guard Pro (GuardPro) scam and there is a coverage for the core. The core is the adware, which hackers want you to treat as antispyware and advise its activation”to get Full protection against spyware, viruses, malicious and unwanted software”. In case you get infected with, or deliberately downloaded and installed, the adware, remove Guard Pro adware as it is installed to a single purpose of making you pay the registration fee and then for endless updates while no true viruses and other malignant program codes are detected by the fake antispyware Guard Pro.
The coverage means all websites dedicated to the core element, i.e. to Guard Pro scamware. It also means prepaid ads at other websites suggesting the visiting   of Guard Pro  website or its instant downloading providing relevant downloading link. Besides, there are trojans which download and install the adware of Guard Pro in shadowed mode from the backdoor. Those trojans, in their turn, are, in fact, downloaded, as a rule, by user as he is duped according to online codec request or another trickery when he downloads a trojan horse expecting to get a desired codec or another useful program code. The trojans are further used to create a slow computer problem and to disorder legit software and computer system thus scaring users into buying Guard Pro scamware.
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Guard Pro Technical Details

  • Full name: Guard Pro, GuardPro, Guard-Pro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Ukraine

Guard Pro screenshot (click to enlarge):

GuardPro GUI

Signs of being infected with Guard Pro:

Guard Pro scam in a specific case develops according to specific pattern. That is, either users downloads and installs the adware or  trojans do that for user. It is understood you would ask why users download the scam? The answer is because they are drawn to websites suggesting the downloading and installation of Guard Pro showing fake awards and quotations from fake reviews etc. It is easy to visit a Guard Pro website as it is linked to ad banners and other online ads suggesting its visiting. However, it is always a deliberate decision of user to download Guard Pro from its website, thus you may remove Guard Pro in advance or rather prevent its downloading in case of visiting it websites by mere ignoring the suggestions to download Guard Pro.
No matter whether trojan or you have downloaded and installed the scamware, you need to remove Guard Pro adware at the earliest opportunity. If it has been trojan that dropped the scamware, you need to get rid of Guard Pro related trojan at once. Click here to use a complex tool for complete removal of Guard Pro scam, both adware and related infections, if applicable.
The adware of Guard Pro is detectable by its nag screens and alerts; the main of Guard Pro nag screens is shown, as a rule, prior to other nag screens and alerts and warnings. Its screenshot is provided above. Even if all or one of the nag screens fail to be shown due to system restrictions etc.,  there are plenty of alerts and warnings clearly referring to Guard Pro.

Automatic Removal of Guard Pro from your PC:

Since Guard Pro is only one of thousands scams in the web, single Guard Pro removal is no warranty of your computer total purification. That is why using antispyware + antivirus is strongly recommended in order to  remove Guard Pro adware, related trojans, and to make sure there are no other scamware, viruses, rootkits to remove or else to remove them upon detection.
Follow the link below to remove Guard Pro using security suite that corresponds to the description above.

Guard Pro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Guard Pro:

Please make sure  there are no enabled network connections, especially that Internet is off, and that other programs are off while Guard Pro removal is in progress to ensure your computer system and legit software safety, as well as to avid any  Guard Pro removal errors. For certain system configurations manual Guard Pro removal is only possible in safe mode; in addition, the safe mode facilitates the control over system processes thus will help you to make sure there are no enabled network connections etc.

Remove Guard Pro files and dll’s:

Guard Pro
Quarantine Items
Guard Pro.lnk

Unregister Guard Pro registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Download “RunInvalidSignatures” = “1″
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Guard Pro”

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