Description of  Green AV and consequences of its residing on your PC

Developers of Green AV (GreenAV) put a well-recognized shield colored like that associated with Windows logo to avoid user’s early suspicion that Green AV is a counterfeit. Likewise its predecessors Green AV discloses the path to the infections found. However, in order to remove them all, a user is prompted to pay the relevant registration fee. The fee is actually requested to remove the infections created by Green AV. These infections are dummies, one and all. The true infection to remove is Green AV
Hackers pushing Green AV are really unquenchable in their thirst for money. Hence you need not expect that one-time fee will put an end to the annoying ads of Green AV. Quite in contrary, the frequency of ads will be growing until you get rid of Green AV as in case of paying any sort of registration fee for Green AV a user is prompted to pay another to the purpose of getting updates etc.
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Green AV Technical Details

  • Full name: Green AV, GreenAV, Green-AV
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Green AV screenshots:


Signs of being infected with Green AV:

Unlike its predecessor GreenAntivirus 2009,  Green AV does not pretend to donate part of each fee for its  registration to the fund for saving Amazonian Forests. Thee are also certain changes in the appearance of  Green AV as compared to GreenAntivirus2009; the most obvious difference is the missing of the globe image in Green AV, which is present in GreenAntivirus2009.
The general behavior of the two malwares is quite the same. Both  rogues are installed through various trickery; secret downloading and installation are possible besides the manual download and installation by user duped with online ads praising Green AV.
The scan is a main tool to scare users into buying Green AV. It is started automatically if users do not choose to run it by their own. It has already been mentioned that all the scan results are false positives.
The scan may be banned by Windows. In such case Green AV is detectable by its alerts appearing at the center of your monitor over other active windows or by those impersonating system alerts; all these alerts lead to the online purchase form of Green AV.
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Automatic Removal of Green AV from your PC:

Automated way to remove Green AV is provided for lazy and/or inexperienced users who do not want or cannot remove Green AV manually, as well as for those who would like to ensure there are no viruses and malware but Green AV to remove from their systems. Follow the link below to get your computer system scanned with timely updated malware&virus scanner and get rid of Green AV.

Download Green AV Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Green AV:

Reboot before and after Green AV manual removal is recommended, for that is a general prescription in case of manual removal of malware. In the meantime please abstain from running any software and disconnect to the Internet until you ensure you have completed  Green AV removal.
Tip: follow the link above to run free scan after you have finished Green AV removal so that you will check the effect after Green AV removal.

Remove Green AV and dll’s:


Unregister Green AV registry values:

Green AV

Green AV Remover with free scan