Description of  Google Redirect Virus and consequences of its residing on your PC

Google Redirect Virus primarily targets Google searches. The infection is aimed at intercepting user’s quires as made in the said search engine and/or to block it and replace with alternate, potentially misleading website.
The idea of the scam is on the surface as users are forced to visit pages the hackers are interested in as they get paid for every visiting of such sites by means of redirection.  Naturally those who decide for promoting their websites in such a way are unlikely to offer a trustworthy and safe content, so that is why you need to get rid of Google Redirect Virus  at the earliest opportunity.
The virus is also known to be a modification of a rootkit, namely TDSS or Alureon rootkit. A rootkit infection does not attach its body to any particular program, including web-browser, so that makes no sense to cure browsers, as long as the infection is deep in the memory of  a PC concerned and can corrupt any software. Click here to run free scan of your computer system for any type of infections including such in-depth malware as worms.



Google Redirect Virus Technical Details

  • Full name: Google Redirect Virus, Google Hijacker, Google search redirector, Google changer virus
  • Version: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, EU

Signs of being infected with Google Redirect Virus:

The malware may have various designs and implementations.
The design may provide for its meddling into browser settings such as start page, new tab, and default search engine. Any combination of such arrangements may be combined or replaced with interception of requests made immediately in Google.
In many cases, alternate tricky search engine is imposed on users regardless of the way the redirect is performed. Examples of such websites include, but are not limited to,,,,,
In the worst case, address bar of your browser(s) is totally hijacked so that anything you would enter there, including Google, would redirect you to some weird and unwanted website that pretends to be some super-powerful search tool.
Click here in order that a free scanner would launch and properly inspect your PC. The target infection may have, as stated above, various designs and implementations: to remove Google Redirect Virus please simply clean all the threats as reported by the free scanner suggested.

Automatic Removal of Google Redirect Virus from your PC:

Automated removal of Google Redirect Virus is powered by scan of your computer system with software famous for its extended database of infections to ensue the target threat is covered in all its possible editions and designs.
Please pay attention the names of viruses and malware items may not be marked ‘Google Redirect Virus’, for there is a great  variety of threats which payload includes various aspects of such redirecting that may classify as search engine hijacking.   The ultimate goal of the scam may vary as well.
The link below will launch a free examination of your computer memory and enable you to get rid of Google Redirect Virus regardless of the peculiarities inherent in your case; apart from that, the remedy suggested ensures comprehensive cleanup of your PC.

Download Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Google Redirect Virus:

The malware varies. To make thing clear, the name of infection rather refers to a payload than to any actual program. Consequentially, the best one could expect from this manual guide is that the entries below correspond to the most common version.
In order to ensure any and all designs and implementations are duly covered, please apply the removal tool provided herewith.

Remove Google Redirect Virus files and dll’s:


 Unregister Google Redirect Virus registry values:


Google Redirect Virus Remover with free scan

The security suite available below will remove any variant of Google Redirect Virus, as well as disclose other threats for deletion on your agreement.
Please pay attention that names of viruses and malware items found will most likely not be marked as Google Redirect Virus, for the above name is just one of many names used to designate the hijacker.