Description of General Antispyware consequences of its residing on your PC

General Antispyware (GeneralAntispyware) is a simple program which features that actually work are mostly quite the opposite to those specified in the developers’ description of General Antispyware. We advise to remove General Antispyware at the earliest opportunity, for instead of avoiding the damage to your computer system General Antispyware causes damage to it. Click here to get rid of General Antispyware right now, as well as to detect and remove General Antispyware related infections.
General Antispyware is described by its developers as application that can remove viruses. In fact, it facilitates virus intrusions by impairing your computer system.

General Antispyware Technical Details

  • Full name: General Antispyware, GeneralAntispyware, General-Antispyware
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with General Antispyware:

No alerts and scan threat reports generated by General Antispyware are trustworthy. Even though names of existing infections may be used in such reports, the chance for their presence in the memory of your PC, other things being equal, is the same that for any other random name of existing IT infection.  Upon observing any General Antispyware alert or nag screen you should have no doubts there is adware on board and remove General Antispyware at the earliest opportunity.
Besides General Antispyware there are trojans and viruses might be engaged in the trickery. The final aim of General Antispyware adware is to make user buy it while the  related infections are aimed at facilitating General Antispyware intervention and following advertising activities. Among such infections some are detectable prior to General Antispyware downloading is complete as they may partially perform the function of adware thus showing alerts linked to General Antispyware website. If you have ever observed such alert  you may remove General Antispyware ally and thus prevent the adware downloading.
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Automatic Removal of General Antispyware from your PC:

General Antispyware removal in the wide sense would be the removal of General Antispyware adware or/and  the removal of General Antispyware related infections. In any case it is good to know the internal enemies of your computer system. Follow the link below to get familiar with infections residing at your PC and remove General Antispyware, as well as any other threats as specified in the scan results.

General Antispyware Removal Tool

Manual Removal of General Antispyware:

You computer system is likely to be badly affected or damage might be caused to particular software unless you comply with General Antispyware removal basic precautions in case you are going to remove General Antispyware manually. Please set Safe Mode for Windows while removing General Antispyware; do not launch and run any software and disable Internet connection during General Antispyware removal.

Remove General Antispyware files and dll’s:


Unregister General Antispyware registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “General Antispyware”
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