Description of Gala Search consequences of its residing on your PC

Gala Search is another popular browser dysfunction caused by hackers to advertising purposes. In addition to unwanted advertisement in the monitor users are deprived of access to genuine search engines as any search query is redirected to the misleading search tool.
The fake search page is generated by hijacker infection. This infection adjusts web-browser changing DNS settings and proxy server. You can remove Gala Search infection and fix your browser using free scanner based antivirus available here .

Gala Search Technical Details

  • Full name: Gala Search, Gala Search, Gala-Search
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Trojan horse, Adware, Browser hijacker
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with Gala Search:

There is only one clear symptom of the infection,  but quite clear. It is the fake search page that appears instead of requested by users. Any web-browser is vulnerable to the hijacker that downloads Gala Search. Click here  to initiate free system scan get rid  of Gala Search issue.

Automatic Removal of Gala Search from your PC:

The infection has been reported in many instances to be a part of larger upload of cyber parasites. This implicates expedience of complex approach to Gala Search removal. That is, not only the hijacker requires removal. There might be other threats to deal with. Follow the link below to  upload and install appropriate solution for comprehensive system clean.

Gala Search Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Gala Search:

Preceding paragraph explains benefits of automated Gala Search removal. However, you can remove Gala Search hijacker manually. This requires you to delete indicated below entries in Safe Mode.

Remove Gala Search files and dll’s:

Unregister Gala Search registry values:


Gala Search Remover with free scan