Virus description and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Funmoods is known as unwanted browser extension and redirect rather than a source of emoticons for social networking, instant messages etc.
In spite of that the above application is to be installed manually, many users are not quite willfully install it as it may lurk inside a larger download on untick-box terms.
Anyway, instead of helping users expressing their emotions with special graphics, the program annoys them with intrusive browser extension and redirects. In many cases, it also replaces Google setting itself as a start page and default search engine. In order to start free scan and get rid of Funmoods adware completely, click here.

Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Funmoods toolbar,
  • Type: BHO Toolbar, Adware
  • Origin: EU

Signs of Funmoods Infection:

The adware is quite easy to recognize by the toolbar it adds. It is ready to modify any browser so that is a mistake to consider the adware specific to one particular software for exploring the web.
Whether you have deliberately installed the software product or consider yourself cheated by tricky instillation agreement, follow this link in order to remove Funmoods toolbar and redirect issue.

Funmoods automatical removal:

It is quite unlikely the adware in question is the one and only threat to deal with on your PC. In order to get rid of Funmoods adware along with other threats detected on your PC, do not hesitate following the link below to trigger free scan.

Funmoods Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Funmoods:

Some users mistakenly associate the issue with specific browser, for example, Mozzilla or Internet Explorer. Others offer manual cleanup through changing settings of particular browser.
Such approach will not remove Funmoods completely. In order to make sure infection is gone for good, target its root following the guide below or loading and installing the automatic remover available.

To fix Funmoods problem on Google Chrome for Windows 7, first go to the google wrench (customize and Google Chrome), then go to Setttigs, Change the Homepage to, make sure that on the “On Startup ” the “Open the home page is checked”. Make sure also that Google is i set as the delault “Search” engine and the “Default” browser.

To fix Mozilla Firefox , First go to Tools, then go to Start Browsing, open “Options”, then go to Homepage and hit Restore Default or” Mozilla Firefox Start Page”. Make sure also that When Firefox Starts it will show “Show My Home Page”. The procedure would also be the same if you have Windows XP.

Remove Funmoods files and dll’s:


Unregister Funmoods registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “”