Description of FileFix Professional and consequences of its residing on your PC

FileFix Professional is another malware of quite unusual behavior. The program may be manually installed as a trial version or installed as a full version through the online purchase form. However, there are not so many users that would install this unknown application by their own, so the main method of malware of FileFix Professional invasion is through the trojan assistance. That trojan applies simple but obviously working way to make users download trial version of FileFix Professional. It requires them to fix the files of Word or pdf and of other test editors formats as it encrypts those which have ever been opened ever since the moment of its invasion.
As a result of this trojan and FileFix Professional malware activities, any text file opened with popular text editor becomes unreadable. Unfortunately, their restoration is problematic, because the malicious encoding is performed in a random and rude way that makes it hard for specialized tools to restore the readable code. Click here  to start free scan in order to detect and remove FileFix Professional, as well as relevant trojan and any other threats. The FileFix Professional removal tool will also attempt to repair damaged files, but the only thing it can guarantee is that it will remove FileFix Professional and other infections, for repairing files may be problematic. However, FileFix Professional removal will avoid further malicious inscription of text files.

FileFix Professional Technical Details

  • Full name: FileFix Professional, FileFixProfessional, File Fix Professional
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

FileFix Professional screenshots:

Signs of being infected with FileFix Professional:

FileFix Professional removal may be done in advance, i.e. you may get rid of FileFix Professional trojan as it requires you with the alert of following or similar to it address:

“Windows File Protection
Windows detected that some of your MS Office and media files are corrupted. Click here to download and install recommended file repair application”

Clicking the link above automatically initiates the downloading and installation process of FileFix Professional malware. C:\Windows\system32\fpfstb.dll is a path where the trojan-installer producing this alert and damaging files is stored. You may remove FileFix Professional subservient trojan automatically clicking here  or manually deleting the relevant file.
Once the malware of FileFix Professional has been downloaded with trojan or where you have installed it by your own, it behaves according to the quite standard design for malware trial version. Once installed, it displays nag screen with scan where the encrypted files listed. The results are true as the malware knows which files its trojan infects – however, exceptions are very often so that something goes wrong in the interaction between the malware and trojan as malware does not always know all the names of damaged files. In order to decrypt the files, user of infected computer is prompted to pay for registration and install FileFix Professional full version. However, that does not help the problem and the encrypted files remain encrypted, except those few encrypted with the possibility for FileFix Professional to decrypt them.You may remove FileFix Professional subservient trojan automatically clicking here or manually deleting the relevant file.

Automatic Removal of FileFix Professional from your PC:

Removing FileFix Professional automatically you scan computer for free so that any related trojans, viruses and malware applications are detected and eliminated at once. FileFix Professional removal tool will also try to decrypt the encrypted by trojan files. Follow the link below to start free scan in order to detect infections and get rid of FileFix Professional.

Download FileFix Professional Removal Tool

Manual Removal of FileFix Professional:

The way you remove FileFix Professional is solely your decision, and if you do everything with due diligence, you will manage to remove FileFix Professional manually, as well as its relevant trojan. It is still reasonable to follow the link above and start free scan in order to make sure there are no more infections to remove at your computer once you have completed removal of FileFix Professional.
It is strongly recommended that there are no active programs while you are performing the removal of FileFix Professional. Hence, you need to print FilFix Profesional removal guide out prior to the beginning of the malware removal process.

Remove FileFix Professional files and dll’s

FileFix Professional 2009.lnk
FileFix Professional 2009 on the Web.lnk
FileFix Professional 2009.lnk
Uninstall FileFix Professional 2009.lnk

Unregister FileFix Professional registry values:

%UserProfile%HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\FileFix Professional 2009_is1

FileFix Professional Remover with free scan