Description of Extra Antivirus and consequences of its residing on your PC

Extra Antivirus (ExtraAntivirus) seems to be extremely attractive name as two independent teams of hackers use it  to denominate their rogue security software. In this post, both cases are explained. In general, Extra Antivirus No. 1  does not differ much from  Extra Antivirus No. 2. The most obvious difference is skins of the programs and the programs’ originators. One originator is the hackers unnamed group responsible for VirusDoctor family of rogue software, another is also hackers unnamed group know to develop, maintain and distribute  WinSpywareProtect family of rogue antispyware.
Extra Antivirus applications are of one sort in terms of what they are declared to be but actually are not; these applications supposedly shall protect your computer system from viruses and remove those already installed on the computer, but they cannot find even simplest threats. Extra Antivirus No. 1  (remember? of VirusDoctor family) is distributed mainly via Google code and lists a number of files created by the malware itself. These entries are, fortunately, harmless, and cannot be executed, though their extensions indicate these are executable files. Click here to start free scan in order to detect and remove Extra Antivirus rogue software that only cares about duping users into buying its full version.
Extra Antivirus No. 2 is more dangerous than Extra Antivirus No. 1, because it does not detect the files it has just created. Instead of that, random names with indication of random path are listed. If user ignores alerts by Extra Antivirus No. 2, the program deletes these randomly selected and groundlessly blamed files.  Get rid of Extra Antivirus No. 2 (remember of VirusDoctor family) before the rogue has not yet removed legitimate files. Click here to get rid of Extra Antivirus malware using StopZilla!,

Extra Antivirus Technical Details

  • Full name: Extra Antivirus, ExtraAntivirus, Extra-Antivirus
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Extra Antivirus screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Extra Antivirus:

The screenshots of Extra Antivirus issues are provided above. The one on top is the program window of  Extra Antivirus No. 1, on the bottom is  Extra Antivirus No. 2. The programs do not hide themselves loading a heap of annoying ads of various types. They both attempt to configure computer system in order they can launch fake scan   automatically as Windows has warmed up. The scan ends up at the invocation to registry Extra Antivirus. Extra Antivirus No. 2 full (paid) version was also analyzed and it has been established that the full version is malicious just like the trial, because it claims extending the registration in extremely annoying way and keep, just like the trialware, deleting legitimate files.
You need to remove Extra Antivirus No. 2 or No .1 in order to get rid of Extra Antivirus advertisements and to keep the best performance of the computer system. Extra Antivirus No. 1 full version has not been analyzed as the registered copy not yet obtained. It is beyond any doubt, however, that it is also useless and may still poses a considerable challenge to your computer system.
Click here to remove Extra Antivirus extremely fast, as well as to detect and seep away another programmed trash.

Automatic Removal of Extra Antivirus from your PC:

There are two ways to remove Extra Antivirus regardless of its variation. Automated Extra Antivirus removal is not only for those who busy, for those who lazy or have no skills to manage the System Registry manual removal, but also for those willing to obtain the life-time protection from malware, as well as to make sure all infections have been removed, by the other words, StopZilla! recommended for   Extra Antivirus removal will detect and remove Extra Antivirus No.1 and/or No.2, as well as any other infections, and protect your computer from their repatriation and new rogue intrusion. Follow the link below to launch free scan in order to detect and get rid of Extra Antivirus automatically.

Download Extra Antivirus Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Extra Antivirus:

Note: programs running while Extra Antivirus manual removal is in progress may cause Extra Antivirus removal failure and system damage / data loss. That also covers programs responsible for Internet connection; that is why experts recommend reboot before Extra Antivirus removal and disconnect to the Internet, as well as to print Extra Antivirus manual removal guide out.
In order to make sure that you really have managed to remove Extra Antivirus manually, please click the link above in order to run free scan.
There are manual removal tips for  Extra Antivirus No. 1 and No. 2  provided below. Please, make sure you are picking up the correct Extra Antivirus removal guidelines by matching Extra Antivirus program window generated on your computer with those demonstrated in this post.

Remove Extra Antivirus files and dll’s

Extra Antivirus.lnk
Extra Antivirus.lnk
Extra Antivirus.lnk
Extra Antivirus.lnk
Tally software LTD
Extra Antivirus

Unregister Extra Antivirus registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform “889809903”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Extra Antivirus”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\uninstall\Extra Antivirus 3.0
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tally software LTD\Extra Antivirus

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