Description of Extra Antivir and consequences of its residing on your PC

Extra Antivir 2.8 cannot deliver your PC from viruses and comprises viruses itself. This program has been concocted to make money from the air; well-studied though very popular trickery is used by people promoting Extra Antivir. Essential part of this trickery is a trialware. Saying that one needs to remove Extra Antivir experts usually have in mind to remove Extra Antivir trialware.
It does not mean, however, that there is no danger that comes from registered version and it is at least safe to let full version of Extra Antivir run free at your PC. Viruses included into Extra Antivir are just blocked by dll files which user receives after registration of Extra Antivir trialware, but such disabling is usually ineffective as it leads to system freezes and finally disorders hosting computer.
The trailware acts as adware, i.e. in practice it means that Extra Antivir is configured to start each time when user logs on to Windows and asks through scans and alerts to resister this copy as it is necessary to remove the threats exposed by  Extra Antivir. In reality, all so called threats emanate from the strong desire of hackers to possess several bucks from each user while the real challenge to your computer safety and privacy is Extra Antivir. Click here to start scanning computer free of charge and get rid of Extra Antivir.

Extra Antivir Technical Details

  • Full name: Extra Antivir 2.8, ExtraAntivir 2.8
  • Version: 2,8
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Extra Antivir Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Extra Antivir:

Extra Antivir, as a rule, starts to run simultaneously with Windows and shows you a pop-up with various active objects; the most important of them are free scan and registration options. It is thus hard to pay no attention to the presence of Extra Antivir when such pop-up is entitled “ExtraAntivir 2.8”. It may happen that pop-up fails to appear due to some circumstances, especially in case of shadowed installation and especially when it was a trojan that serves many malware that in this case installed Extra Antivir, because short version of Extra Antivir might be installed in such a case. If you have not seen any window entitled Extra Antivir, but there have been pop-ups and alerts invoking to resolve all your problems with security by installing certain software from Internet, or if your PC simply behaves in a strange manner, this could also be a reason to remove Extra Antivir; click here to identify malware and viruses at your PC and get rid of Extra Antivir and/or other dangerous residents found.

Automatic Removal of Extra Antivir from your PC:

Extra Antivir is not an orphan as there are RapidAntivirus and related malware items (all fake virus remover), which, speaking metaphorically, gave birth to   ExtraAntivir, still active. They share same trojans and webs-sites with malicious scripts, also may be installed together at one PC. It is hard to predict whether Extra Antivir removal is the only one malware removal operation needed for total system cleanup. When you remove Extra Antivir in automatic mode, there is a warranty that other rogues detected and removed. Follow the link below to get rid of Extra Antivir in a way that provides total system cleanup.

Download Extra Antivir Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Extra Antivir:

Be attentive removing Extra Antivir manually, especially when deleting Registry values. Any mistyping usually results in failure to remove Extra Antivir. Reboot PC before and after Extra Antivir manual removal. The right way to get rid of Extra Antivir would include reboot of operating system to ensure every problem is not active while Extra Antivir removal is in progress.

Remove Extra Antivir files and dll’s

Extra Antivir.ini

Unregister Extra Antivir registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Extra Antivir

Extra Antivir Remover with free scan