Description of  ErrorSweeper Center and consequences of its residing on your PC

ErrorSweeper (Error Sweeper) is distributed through the network of online advertisements and with trojan programs. Users are prompted to download and install the adware at the websites devoted solely to ErrorSweeper or to several counterfeits, including ErrorSweeper. Those websites are promoted at the third party websites, with browser hijacker and spam. The hijacker is another variety of trojan, which is a part of ErrorSweeper trickery. The ultimate goal of hackers which market the counterfeit is to collect a payment for ErrorSweeper activation. Remove ErrorSweeper and please do not pay the ErrorSweeper activation fee; that will not deliver you from frequently repeated ads by the adware as you will be bothered to pay another fee, for updates and for extended activation period; but that will encourage hackers to concoct new counterfeits and double their effort in propagating already existing fake system security suites. Click here to start free system scan and get rid of ErrorSweeper.

ErrorSweeper Center Technical Details

  • Full name: ErrorSweeper, Error Sweeper, Error-Sweeper
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia, Ukraine

ErrorSweeper screenshot (click to enlarge):


Signs of being infected with ErrorSweeper:

ErrorSweeper is a self-launching software. That is, where your system security preferences are not extremely high, the adware will freely execute its fake scan of imaginary names posed as the scan results and will show you several types of alerts invoking you to register ErrorSweeper. All those scan windows and alerts are classified as misleading ads. It is understood that their messages do not correspond to the real security state of your computer system. Remove ErrorSweeper where you have seen any alert referring to it or its nag screens. In case you are not sure whether infected or not click here  to start free scan and perform ErrorSweeper removal once the adware is detected.

Automatic Removal of ErrorSweeper from your PC:

Since there are many various types of threats constituting the trickery of ErrorSweeper it is preferable to use universal tool for removal of ErrorSweeper capable of detecting and removing all the parasites, which belong to ErrorSweeper trickery; that is why following the link below is recommended to start free scan in order to establish if there are any other rogues but ErrorSweeper to remove; if any found, you may try to find appropriate tips in the Internet and remove them manually or else keep on using ErrorSweeper removal tool for safe and effective removal of all ErrorSweeper related  infections.

Download ErrorSweeper Removal Tool

Manual Removal of ErrorSweeper:

Please make sure there are no Internet connection and programs functioning for the period of executing ErrorSweeper removal steps. That will avoid any interruptions and interferences thus ensuring safe and correct ErrorSweeper removal.

Remove ErrorSweeper files and dll’s:


Unregister ErrorSweeper registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ErrorSweeper\”ErrorSweeper” = “%ProgramFiles%\ErrorSweeper\ErrorSweeper.exe”

ErrorSweeper Remover with free scan