Description of ErrorRepairTool and consequences of its residing on your PC

ErrorRepairTool has rather simple but interesting in impression web-site; there are many links to this site spread over Internet, and not only suspicious section of the web is involved into the deal of ErrorRepairTool propagation. In general, this scheme works as follows: (1) visiting web-site with pop-up linked to ErrorRepairTool’s site; (2) clicking the pop-ups redirecting a user to destinated page of ErrorRepairTool; (3) purchase of full version or shadowed downloading and installation of the unregistered copy. Manual downloading of ErrorRepairTool free trial version seems to be impossible.
This was a description of almost legitimate scheme, especially in case if at step (3) user purchases the registered version. It is, however, very risky decision to buy this software as the server through which the payment is to be settled has invalid certification system. This error should be detected by your browser if it is not out-of-date.
ErrorRepairTool as a software pretends to be another privacy protector. In reality, though, ErrorRepairTool simply lists video and audio files as those with porno-content, adult or other suspicious content, or displays imaginary names. Removal of scan results related objects may be dangerous.
Where ErrorRepairTool adware is installed by trojans or exploit, victim’s PC is flooded with various alerts and warnings interrupting run of programs and causing slow computer problem; ErrorRepairTool adware should be understood as a kit of simple but extremely harmful applications responsible for generation of alerts related to ErrorRepairTool and for simultaneous system depreciation.
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ErrorRepairTool Technical Details

  • Full name: ErrorRepairTool, ErrorRepair Tool, Error Repair Tool
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

ErrorRepairTool Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Spyware ErrorRepairTool:

Surfing the web you may be redirected to online scan page by ErrorRepairTool. It is strongly recommended to close the page immediately as your system vulnerabilities may be used for ErrorRepairTool’s adware installation. Where you see ErrorRepairTools free scan window or its alerts, click here  to to remove ErrorRepairTool immediately or at least to scan your system fo free.

Automatic Removal of ErrorRepairTool from your PC:

Do not decide too long whether you need to get rid of ErrorRepairTool, if you want to restore the best performance of operating system. ErrorRepairTool is likely to be installed with other rogues like fake malware removers, therefore overall system scan and cleanup is highly recommended. Follow the link below to launch free scan and to remove ErrorRepairTool immediately.

Download ErrorRepairTool Removal Tool

Manual Removal of ErrorRepairTool:

The guide provided below fits to remove the most extended version of ErrorRepairTool; however, only alerts or only fake scanner may be installed at your PC; that is why you may not find some entries. You can remove ErrorRepairTool manually, but we still recommend you to scan your PC free of charge by clicking the related link below top make sure that ErrorRepairTool removal was successful.

Remove ErrorRepairTool files and dll’s


Unregister ErrorRepairTool registry values:


ErrorRepairTool Remover with free scan