Virus description and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Dream Scan Soft is going to show you endless flow of notifications on ridiculous things happening and viruses lurking on your PC. Anything the program says is a fraudulent info. It is itself a piece of counterfeit.
Clicking here launches free scan and enables you to remove Dream Scan Soft; the rogue goes beyond a heap of popups and slowly deteriorates your computer system; apart from that, it may block applications your need, so that there is no use in proceeding with your PC routines until after the malware remains inside.
Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Dream Scan Soft, DreamScan Soft, DreamScanSoft
  • Type: Rogue Security Software
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Dream Scan Soft

Signs of Dream Scan Soft Infection:

The rogue offers a user’s interface that includes two important options, namely Protection and Privacy. This enables experts to classify the rogue as a program that fakes a security and privacy tool at once.
Prior to the malware invasion some redirects may be observed. Those typically indicate you are running through dangerous sectors of the worldwide web.
Apply free scan solution available here and let valid free scanner complete its inspection of your computer memory. To get rid of Dream Scan Soft, keep using the suggested solution for malware cleanup purposes.

Dream Scan Soft automatical removal:

While the malware in question represents a counterfeit that scares you with intentional false positives, it keeps your computer exposed and vulnerable to actual malware invasions, thereby it is good that the tool below is a free scanner that would remove Dream Scan Soft and other threats, if any, from the memory of your PC.

Dream Scan Soft Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Dream Scan Soft:

Ignoring the malware will dramatically decrease the convenience of computer use. If you are hesitating to apply the automated solution, you are still strongly advised to get rid of Dream Scan Soft manually.

Remove Dream Scan Soft files and dll’s:


Unregister Dream Scan Soft registry values:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system “EnableLUA” = 0
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system “EnableVirtualization” = 0
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore “RPSessionInterval” = 0

Dream Scan Soft removal