Description of Cloud AV 2012 and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Cloud AV 2012 or Cloud Antivirus 2012 is said to be ignorant in any protective activities. That is not quite true. It can protect itself by terminating other programs, especially those able to remove Cloud AV 2012 and real security threats.
The program is said to be unable to perform any observations over other applications. That is true only as long as it concerns the processes executed by infection such as the viruses and trojans included in the adware reports. However, the rogue is quite proficient in identifying other (harmless for user and potentially deadly for the adware) programs and terminating their processes. The free scanner available here will help you to rid your PC from the misleading product and other infections whenever they hide.

Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Cloud AV 2012, CloudAV 2012, Cloud Antivirus 2012
  • Type: Rogue Security Software, Trojan Horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation
  • Serial code: 9882676258

Signs of being infected with Cloud AV 2012

Being true to its family the fake antispyware in question shows the same graphics as Av Protection 2011 and related phonies. Its menu is an exact duplicate of that of AVpro 2011, program name not taken into account, and a dozen of other parasites. The menu is a black colored popup that offers clickable buttons so that user can browse it like a program menu.
Once on the computer system, the rogue makes necessary amendments in order to show at least several popups during any Windows session. As a rule, the number is obviously exceeding and causes system freeze.
Click here (free scanner link) to quit the malware popups and get rid of Cloud AV 2012 as such.

Cloud AV 2012 automatical removal:

Do not ignore viruses because of counterfeits like the one in question referring to their names for scaring purposes. With such so called protector as the rogue antispyware chances of viruses to slip through system defense are doubled, which is why the comprehensive security solution below is a good way to get rid of Cloud AV 2012 along with true viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits.

Cloud AV 2012 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Cloud AV 2012:

To remove Cloud AV 2012 manually, you need to deal with its entries on gradual, step-by-step terms. If you find any of the malware files unavailable for deletion, please try to end relevant process in Task Manager (the process name would correspond to the filename causing trouble).

Remove Cloud AV 2012 files and dll’s:

%AppData%\[random]\Cloud AV 2012.ico
%DesktopDir%\Cloud AV 2012.lnk
%Programs%\Cloud AV 2012\Cloud AV 2012.lnk

Unregister Cloud AV 2012 registry values:


Cloud AV 2012 removal