Description of ByteDefender consequences of its residing on your PC

ByteDefender (ByteDefender) pretends to go in line with security threats as one would judge from its motto “Security 2010” in the nag screen of the program. And indeed, the program goes in line with recent trickeries as it infects computer systems quite promptly according to the recent scam schemes. What about detecting true infections ByteDefender is true to Wini malware habits and make no effort to detect and delete true computer infections.
Remove ByteDefender as the software provides you not a bit of protection and security.
The consequences in case of failure to get rid of ByteDefender would be, not to mention persistence of ByteDefender misleading alerts, the system slowed down and corrupted system files and data.
Click here to eliminate ByteDefender trickery meaning to remove ByteDefender adware plus other rogues, if applicable.

ByteDefender Technical Details

  • Full name: ByteDefender, Byte Defender, Byte-Defender
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with ByteDefender:

Instead of helping your PC ByteDefender says in its nag screen that it is “Security 2010”. That statement is a biggest discrepancy between its appearance and appearance of its closest clone, SystemArmor, as the latter ‘s statement under its name in the main window reads as follows: “help protect your PC” .
Please read the description of SystemArmor at for further details on PC ByteDefender signs of presence as they are exactly the same.
Click here to get rid of ByteDefender applying utility that fits any Wini malware removal requirements.

Automatic Removal of ByteDefender from your PC:

A number of threats have been accumulated throughout the history of Wini scam inherited by ByteDefender as its allies. That is why you are recommended to remove ByteDefender and in any case to scan your PC to detect other infections that are likely related to the adware and are likely to have been dropped into your working station.

ByteDefender Removal Tool

Manual Removal of ByteDefender:

Manual procedure for ByteDefender removal does not and cannot cover other viruses as they are to be covered by individual removal guides. That is to emphasize the importance to use the free scan option.
Safe ByteDefender removal requires system to be set into Safe Mode and Internet connections disabled while the ByteDefender removal steps are being performed.

Remove ByteDefender files and dll’s:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ByteDefender.lnk
c:\Program Files\ByteDefender Software
c:\Program Files\ByteDefender Software\ByteDefender
c:\Program Files\ByteDefender Software\ByteDefender\ByteDefender.exe
c:\Program Files\ByteDefender Software\ByteDefender\Uninstall.exe

Unregister ByteDefender registry values:


ByteDefender Remover with free scan