Description of  AVCare and consequences of its residing on your PC

Exploring AVCare scam we need to divide the investigation as there is a divergence that starts from the stage of installation of trialware. Besides, there is a special case of AVCare trickery when solely of browser hijacker installed as a trojan. In that special case user downloads fake movie or codec or any other object, which is, in fact, a small-size executable that sets browser hijacker of the computer system infected to display AVCare ads.
The rest of cases are about AVCare trial version and they differ in the manner of downloading and installation only. There are two essentially different cases, the first is a downloading by user and the second is an automated backdoor downloading. The backdoor downloading may be divided in two sub-cases, when AVCare must be manually installed or when there is no such need as there is a special hacker’s program executing the installation.
In case of downloading by user, a user is duped or frightened to download the trialware with fake ads, the cases of hidden downloading is a responsibility of a special trojan that connects to the Internet and performs the downloading.
Remove AVCare trialware or else you will be bothered with its endless alerts and fabricated scan windows, as well as legit software may suffer damage or lack of the system resource.
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AVCare Technical Details

  • Full name: AVCare, AV Care, AV-Care
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

AVCare screenshots:


Signs of being infected with AVCare:

AVCare trialware runs automatically as the rogue executables it contains adjusts host system to let the rogue start regardless of user’s preferences, after every Windows restart. This habit does not change subject to the way of the malware installation.
First of all, AVCare wants user to believe it scans the computer system. It imitates the activities of scanning tool showing the window called scan window, in which dummy names are being listed as though AVCare is discovering them. These names are all and same for any computer system, i.e. there is no actual scanning process.
In the meantime, while the fake scan is in progress, as well as when it is over, there are numerous fake ads displayed calling for registering the trialware. Good advice is to get rid of AVCare, if infected, and never trust suspiciously annoying ads.
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Automatic Removal of AVCare from your PC:

It is too bad if you have been duped to download and install AVCare as this software may have already disordered your computer system, though it is a rather moderate malware. Needless to say, you need to remove AVCare asap and completely to avoid farther system degradation. Follow the link below and start free scan to remove AVCare trialware, as well as any other parts of this and other swindle.

Download AVCare Removal Tool

Manual Removal of AVCare:

Manual removal of AVCare may lead to deletion of legit files and useful Registry entries, if you are inattentive and makes omissions or mistyping. Reboot and disconnect to the Internet and close every program while you are removing AVCare and follow the instruction precisely in removing indicted entries the order of their appearance in the AVCare removal guide.

Remove AVCare and dll’s:

AV Care.lnk
AV Care.lnk

Unregister AVCare registry values:

CurrentVersion\Uninstall\AV Care
CurrentVersion\Run “AV Care”

AVCare Remover with free scan