Description of Avatod Antispyware 8.0 and consequences of its residing on your PC

Avatod Antispyware 8.0 was released at the beginning of September, 2008. Some posts of infected users at different forums have already been found at which they made complaints on this malware. Despite Avatod Antispyware 8.0 is a clone of Awola fake antispyware which is not a big challenge now, because schemes through which it was propagated have been studied and destroyed, Avatod Antispyware 8.0 found new ways and mostly due to its new name unrecognized by popular removers became to be a considerable threat. Taking into account behavior of Awola and users’ complaints, Avatod Antispyware 8.0 should be treated as extremely harmful application. Aiming to trick its victims into buying the license, this malware produces alerts and generates scan accompanied with affecting applications and OS in general. Users state they are losing control over their machines and see annoying pop-ups by Avatod Antispyware 8.0. Click here to scan your PC for free and remove Avatod Antispyware 8.0.

Avatod Antispyware 8.0 Technical Details

  • Full name: Avatod Antispyware 8.0, AvatodAntispyware.
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Version: 8.0
  • Origin: Denmark,

Avatod Antispyware 8.0 Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Avatod Antispyware 8.0:

Avatod Antispyware 8.0 often disables media players. After that users may see pop-ups that updates available for your media which are necessary for their further run and reading files of new formats. The links provided at the body of above pop-ups are related to malware and infected sites. However, this sign is optional, but sooner or later users should see pop-ups and alerts by Avatod. As soon as you see first such scan or alerts, do not linger and get rid of Avatod Antispyware 8.0 as any retard may become fatal for your system or at least for particular applications. Click here to run free scan and then remove Avatod Antispyware 8.0 and other positives.

Automatic Removal of Avatod Antispyware 8.0 from your PC:

It is clear that Avatod Antispyware 8.0 can promote upload of related malware. This is the main reason to click the link below and get rid of Avatod Antispyware 8.0 automatically; .i.e. the malware removal tool removes not only Avatod Antispyware 8.0 but other malware and viruses as well.

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