Description of AV Antispyware and consequences of its residing on your PC

AV Antispyware (AVAntispyware) may be missed in the register of programs installed on your computer. Provided that you are running Windows, that mean you are unable to remove AV Antispyware through the Add/Remove Programs register at the Start Menu. Why remove AV Antispyware? When users ask this question, they usually explain such a need to remove AV Antispyware by nasty behavior of this program and its strange way of installation. However, it should be noted that they would rather eager to get rid of  AV Antispyware due to its relations with viruses and worms of destructive behavior, and because AV Antispyware may also contain program codes responsible for issuing obviously malicious  commands aimed to decrease the targeted computer system performance.
AV Antispyware is classified as  rogue antispyware. The behavior of this rogue antispyware  discloses its annoying and destructive traits, that make us identify AV Antispyware as adware and crashware. In more common terms, AV Antispyware is a piece of software that pretends to protect computers, but, instead of the protection, grant us the endless requests to buy its full version and slowed down computer with some valuable files probably removed – for that is also AV Antispyware way of advertisement.
AV Antispyware way of installation predetermines its behavior so that is explained in the section below.
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AV Antispyware Technical Details

  • Full name: AV Antispyware, AVAntispyware, AV-Antispyware
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

AV Antispyware screenshots:

Signs of being infected with AV Antispyware:

AV Antispyware may be installed as a smitfroud.  Important to note that trojan-downloader that installs AV Antispyware is not a constant program code but varies from case to case. Lots of other rogue software may be installed with trojans serving AV Antispyware.
There are several trojans acting also as a browser hijacker, and thus may be classifieds as a sort of adware. These trojans-hijackers make your browser download without user’s command websites prompting to buy AV Antispyware and similar misleading pages. The online ads at  such websites may be accompanied buy malware attacks on your computer system, as the websites may contain a code that search for browser vulnerability in order to make it install malware.
If your AV Antispyware copy has been installed by trojan or is going to be installed by trojan, you need, respectively, get rid of AV Antispyware trojan because its malicious activities are not limited to the installation of adware,  or may get rid of AV Antispyware trojan and prevent the malware installation.
AV Antispyware may be also installed by user from many websites at the Internet. We mean the trialware, though full version may be also installed if it is paid. The adware aims to make users believe they need to register, i.e. to pay for, AV Antispyware. To that purpose, annoying ads are used, e.g. a scan-show when dozens of names that are very unlikely to designate infections ever installed on your computer, are accused in harming it. Nag screens and alerts disguised as Windows system alerts are also generated, all they demands from user to pay for registration.
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Automatic Removal of AV Antispyware from your PC:

Follow the link below to remove AV Antispyware, including all its subservient trojans and other rogues, also those unrelated to the case of  AV Antispyware, as appropriate.

Download AV Antispyware Removal Tool

Manual Removal of AV Antispyware:

Security note: activities of software which is not engaged in the removal of AV Antispyware may lead to AV Antispyware removal failure and system disordering and valuable data damaging. Please, reboot and then start to remove AV Antispyware manually without launching any programs. Consequentially, text editors and web browsers shall not be applied so that these instructions need to be printed out.

Remove AV Antispyware files and dll’s

AV AntiSpyware.lnk

Unregister AV Antispyware registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LastSun Ltd\AV AntiSpyware
uninstall\AV AntiSpyware 1.8
Run “AV AntiSpyware”

AV Antispyware Remover with free scan