Description of Astrum Antivirus Pro and consequences of its residing on your PC

Astrum Antivirus Pro (Astrum AntivirusPro) has been created to replace AntivirusTrigger that has made too much noise and thus has miserable chances now to attract new victims of the trickery. Like its predecessor and like any other fake virus remover, Astrum Antivirus Pro has a trial version that is a core part of the trickery with the final goal to make user buy useless and dangerous program.
This trialware is normally installed after user has been alerted by involved hijacker  about imaginary danger and redirected to one of websites that  either would infect the computer or would make annoying offers to install Astrum Antivirus Pro.
The consequences of incorrect Astrum Antivirus Pro removal are awful. The thing is as follows: right after installation, AstrumAntivirus Pro would strart bothering users so that majority of them reasonably decide to remove Astrum Antivirus Pro; the bad thing is that Astrum Antivirus Pro removal according to the standard procedure removes Astrum Antivirus Pro in its annoying part only while, quite in contrary, the dormant evil is activated. This hardly disorders computer and should, according to the hackers’ idea, make the thankless user understand what a wonderful opportunity he has missed to get protected,  and then find and buy  Astrum Antivirus Pro. There is no info about quantity of users who have found and bought Astrum Antivirus Pro having being treated in such a way, but we know exactly that hundreds of them have complained that:
–    documents and various data under development  often vanish (our comment: thanks to the dll files of Astrum Antivirus Pro), e.g. Microsoft Word suddenly shuts down and only the data saved automatically is preserved;
–    new program cannot be installed (our comment: thanks to the dll files of Astrum Antivirus Pro that block Windows Installer)
Astrum Antivirus Pro is very annoying and the temptation to remove Astrum Antivirus Pro at once is always very hard. It is certainly recommended to get rid of Astrum Antivirus Pro, but not just removing it from Windows Program List; all dlls and corresponding Registry entries are to be removed as well.
Click here  to start free scan and perform Astrum Antivirus Pro removal, as well as any other rogues, e.g. related trojan.

Astrum Antivirus Pro Technical Details

  • Full name: Astrum Antivirus Pro, AstrumAntivirus Pro, AstrumAntivirusPro, Astrum AntivirusPro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Astrum Antivirus Pro Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Astrum Antivirus Pro:

Astrum Antivirus Pro developers did not care much to keep the program’s skins and behavior always true to type. The image above is most popular variant of  Astrum Antivirus Pro window, but it varies. If you are infected, there may be another window in your case.
The window is screened automatically, usually each time when Windows is started. Beside this window, there are numerous popping up alerts always true to type in prompting to buy Astrum Antivirus Pro.
Cases happen when Astrum Antivirus Pro makes no noise due to the program malfunction or peculiarities of infected system. In this case, if any event described in the section above has happened (MS Word disordering and Windows Installer disablement) or any other strange Windows functioning, do not hesitate Clicking here and identify the reason. It is very likely to be  Astrum Antivirus Pro. Remove Astrum Antivirus Pro automatically or manually to prevent very big computer problems.

Automatic Removal of Astrum Antivirus Pro from your PC:

It is important if not the mandatory requirement to remove Astrum Antivirus Pro together with its related (supporting) trojan and other programs. The tool to remove Astrum Antivirus Pro ideally satisfies this requirement. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove Astrum Antivirus Pro in a way that ensures total destruction of your PC dangerous residents.

Download Astrum Antivirus Pro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Astrum Antivirus Pro:

Please, reboot Windows after and before in the safe mode  removing Astrum Antivirus Pro manually and disconnect Internet to prevent Astrum Antivirus Pro removal failure and system damaging. It is recommended to download and install fee copy of Astrum Antivirus Pro removal tool to the purpose of scanning computer and ensuring it is free of malware, trojan, worms, viruses etc after removal of Astrum Antivirus Pro has been completed. It is possible to remove other threats manually, if any found, searching this website or just googling their names to obtain relevant guidelines for manual removal.

Remove Astrum Antivirus Pro files and dll’s

Astrum Antivirus Pro 3.6.lnk

Unregister Astrum Antivirus Pro registry values:

\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Astrumsoft

Astrum Antivirus Pro Remover with free scan