Description of  AntivirusAgentPro and consequences of its residing on your PC

AntivirusAgentPro (Antivirus Agent Pro) is a trojan-downloaded rogue antispyware. At least one trojan has been found that downloads the rogue and attempts to install it from the backdoor. Its name is guerd.exe, but it is likely to be changed. Honestly, when you are reading this review, you may be almost sure that new name of this trojan has been introduced and is applied to avoid its manual removal. AntivirusAgentPro may be also downloaded and instilled by user duped with Internet and spam advertisement. There are even anonymous reports on advertisement through iskype and other messangers. Remove AntivirusAgentPro as another piece of fake antispyware. In order to make total cleanup of your computer system you need to get rid of AntivirusAgentPro subservient and related malware and viruses. Click here to remove AntivirusAgentPro by complex utility that will detect and remove every rogue from your computer system. Consequences of AntivirusAgentPro activities will be plenty of time wasted for viewing and closing its advertisements, system freezes caused by incompatibility of AntivirusAgentPro with legit software.

AntivirusAgentPro Technical Details

  • Full name: AntivirusAgentPro, Antivirus Agent Pro, AntivirusAgent Pro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

AntivirusAgentPro screenshots:


Signs of being infected with AntivirusAgentPro:

AntivirusAgentPro is normally started automatically upon its instillation or, subject to your system settings, right after the first reboot after its installation.
The main window of AntivirusAgentPro is provided above. It is know to be modified by the developers from time to time so that your AntivirusAgentPro may display different window.
However, if its title is AntivirusAgentPro, there should be no difficulties to detect the malware.
The window invites user to start free scan and to register AntivirusAgentPro trialware. The scan by AntivirusAgentPro is a subsequent displaying of predefined names of files installed with AntivirusAgentPro, In spite of their scary names, these entries are harmless and you need to remove Antivirus AgentPro instead of looking for the dummy files.
Naturally the scan is accompanied with scary alerts which lead to the purchase form of AntivirusAgentPro. Click here  and start free scan to reveal and locate malware and viruses and remove AntivirusAgentPro, as well as any other infections upon their detection.

Automatic Removal of AntivirusAgentPro from your PC:

AntivirusAgentPro and any sort of trojan, which, as stated above, may be its backdoor installer, as well as any other malware and virus will be detected and removed by automated removal tool. Follow the link below and start free scan and detect malware at your computer system to remove AntivirusAgentPro and infections found automatically or manually. For manual removal, please go to the section below and find relevant manual guides for other findings at this and other computer security blogs.

Download AntivirusAgentPro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of AntivirusAgentPro:

Manual removal is risky as your computer system may be disordered and legit program and data files deleted unless the following safety rule is ignored.
Please reboot and disconnect to the Internet and do not run any software during the process of AntivirusAgentPro removal.

Remove AntivirusAgentPro files and dll’s


Unregister AntivirusAgentPro registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”Antivirus Agent Pro” = “C:\Program Files\Antivirus Agent Pro\aap.exe”

AntivirusAgentPro Remover with free scan