Description of Antivirus 2009 Pro and consequences of its residing on your PC

It is incorrect to put Antivirus 2009 Pro (Antivirus 2009Pro) for malware pieces with similar names. Antivirus 2009 Pro removal requires absolutely different actions to be performed as compared to those needed e.g. to remove Antivirus Pro 2009 (AntivirusPro 2009) or Antivirus 2009. Of course, the type of actions remains the same in general, but the commands to be issued are original in each case.
Antivirus 2009 Pro is as harmful as useless and it is a fact that there is absolutely no use in applying Antivirus 2009 Pro to protect computer from viruses. Antivirus 2009 Pro is delivered to computers connected to the Internet with trojan, as a rule. The trojan is a very small application that may is usually installed secretly from cracked websites, even well-known websites may be cracked by hackers. It is however as harmful as malware so that removing parasites like Antivirus 2009 Pro, do not forget about Trojans removal. Failure to remove Antivirus 2009 Pro leads to hard system disordering and even to its collapse. Use only reliable applications to remove Antivirus 2009 Pro. Click here  to apply such one in order to get rid of Antivirus 2009 Pro.

Antivirus 2009 Pro Technical Details

  • Full name: Antivirus 2009 Pro, Antivirus2009 Pro, Antivirus 2009Pro, Antivirus2009Pro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Antivirus 2009 Pro Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Antivirus 2009 Pro:

The program window of Antivirus 2009 Pro is set to appear over all windows time after time and, as a rule, when Windows has been started. Its closing may be problematic. Antivirus 2009 Pro is usually entitled “Antivirus 2009” and shares nearly the same skins with Antivirus 2009, which is another malware though. The program window of Antivirus 2009 Pro has free scan and registration option. Even user does not click nether registration nor scan buttons, free scan is periodically played and redirection to the purchase form of Antivirus 2009 Pro is made.
Antivirus 2009 Pro may fail to show this window and run free scan, in such a case alerts are still shown. These alerts calling to buy Antivirus 2009 Pro are screened also in case when program window is also shown. As soon as any hint at this malware is detected, click here  to start free scan and remove Antivirus 2009 Pro. Failure to remove Antivirus 2009 Pro quite fast may lead to unpredictable consequences so that please do not wait too long and better get rid of  Antivirus 2009 Pro at the earliest opportunity.

Automatic Removal of Antivirus 2009 Pro from your PC:

Antivirus 2009 Pro, as a program powered by and installed with trojans, needs to be treated taking into consideration that related trojan removal is a prerequisite of computer security. The trojan powering Antivirus 2009 Pro may vary, that is why it is strongly recommended to scan computer for free in order to identify trojans and other rogues at your PC following the link below and better remove Antivirus 2009 Pro and other threats found automatically. The trojan, however, is not necessarily residing at your PC  as there are may have been other routes used in your case  through which Antivirus 2009 Pro has been installed. In any case, the scan is free and expedient thing to do so follow the link below to start  Antivirus 2009 Pro removal.

Download SystemSecurity Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Antivirus 2009 Pro:

Safe and correct Antivirus 2009 Pro removal manually is guaranteed when any program is inactive. To make sure any program is not running, please reboot computer and disconnect to the Internet and only after this start to remove Antivirus 2009 Pro manually. It is also very important to take care of what you are typing as any omission or mistyping may lead to either Antivirus 2009 Pro removal failure or deletion of harmless objects.

Remove Antivirus 2009 Pro files and dll’s

Antivirus 2009 Pro
Antivirus 2009.lnk
Uninstall Antivirus.lnk

Unregister Antivirus 2009 Pro registry values:

”Antivirus” = “%ProgramFiles%\Antivirus 2009\Antvrs.exe”

Antivirus 2009 Pro Remover with free scan