Description of Antivirus 2008 XP and consequences of its residing on your PC

A Pandora Software typical release, useless in terms of providing system security and removing threats, but harmful due to at least the way of installation – hidden unauthorized installation with codec or from the web-sites with malicious scripts destabilizes operating system and may injure certain files; i.e. users may suffer of system performance depression and some application disabling immediately after installation, is named Antivirus 2008 XP or Antivirus2008 XP.
Most of the experts are stating this program must be manually installed, but clear evidences exist for that Antivirus 2008 XP is also installed using Zlob.Trojan and Vundo.Trojan, with codec, from sites with malicious scripts and with spam. In any case, removal of Antivirus 2008 XP is a mandatory requirement for adequate system utilization. Сlick here to remove Antivirus 2008 XP immediately or just to scan PC for free.

Antivirus 2008 XP Technical Details

  • Full name: Antivirus 2008 XP, Antivirus2008 XP, Antivirus2008XP
  • Version: 2008
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Antivirus 2008 XP Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Antivirus 2008 XP:

There are two web-sites promoting this malware. Never visit them, if possible, as they may be harmful themselves. Popular Firefox web-filter declares dangerous only, while has not been marked as unsafe. If you remember or suspect you’re your visits to the above sites happen to be, better scan your PC with reliable application to identify viruses and malware in your PC. Сlick here to perform free scan and get rid of Antivirus 2008 XP (other malware will be removed as well).
Clear evidences of Antivirus 2008 XP (Antivirus2008XP) presence are corresponding scan window appearance and alerts emerging. Once you have seen any of the above, take appropriate steps in order to remove Antivirus 2008 XP.

Automatic Removal of Antivirus 2008 XP from your PC:

We recommend to get rid of Antivirus 2008 XP automatically as this provides the following advantages:- detection (free) and removal of malware and viruses related or unrelated to Antivirus 2008 XP – it is rather unlikely that Antivirus 2008 XP is one and only rogue in your PC;
– safe and fast way of malware removal;
– timely updated protection ensuring no more malware and viruses would break through the security shield of your system.

Download Antivirus 2008 XP Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Antivirus 2008 XP:

Follow the guidelines below strictly if your final decision is to remove Antivirus 2008 XP manually. Pay attention that incorrect application of these guidelines may result in Antivirus 2008 XP removal failure and in affecting harmless and useful objects, incl., probably, those essential for system run.

Remove Antivirus 2008 XP files and dll’s:


Unregister Antivirus 2008 XP registry values:

Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu2\Programs\Antivirus XP 2008

Antivirus 2008 XP Remover with free scan