Description of Antispyware Protector and consequences of its residing on your PC

Antispyware Protector is a clone of Spyware Protector.  The issuer of this program cannot be identified so that downloading Antispyware Protector a user should be alerted by Windows that the program has no legitimate certificate. However, already on the stage of downloading and especially if the downloading is performed through Internet Explorer, Antispyware Protector may ban Windows alerts. Besides, this program is often downloaded with trojan that does not inform user about the download and hides corresponding Windows notification. Thus, Antispyware Protector is just another fraudsmit and one would remove Antispyware Protector as a trashware.
The purpose of this rogue program creation is to pump money from the pockets of credulous users who would trust in the annoying ads by Antispyware Protector. Antispyware Protector does not protect from spyware being simply incapable of detecting any threats and, moreover, having no intention to scan computer. One may object that, once installed, Antispyware Protector runs free scan. In reality, the scan that Antispyware Protector runs is just a show or, to be more exact, an animated movie. As far as now (now for us is the moment of this post creation) and since the date of its release, Antispyware Protector has not shown any original scan results. By the other words, the same animated picture is played at any computer infected with Antispyware Protector, and the rascals want us consider it as a spyware scan.
Click here  to remove Antispyware Protector as a program that is going to dupe you and consumes enormous quantity of system resources so that useful applications do obtain sufficient resource to operate at full capacity. The commands this program issue in order to eliminate Windows alerts may also ban some programs, e.g. MS Access and MS Power Point may fail to function before you get rid of Antispyware Protector.

Antispyware Protector Technical Details

  • Full name: Antispyware Protector, AntispywareProtector, Anti-spyware Protector
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Antispyware Protector screenshot:

Signs of being infected with Antispyware Protector:

There are three basic ways for Antispyware Protector to be installed in the targeted computer.  The first is direct installation with trojan, the second is installation through the fake online scanner that dupes user to download Antispyware Protector trial, the third is installation from the homepage of Antispyware Protector. In the last case, users normally have to click misleading link or banner at one of the hundreds of websites hosting such ads. In the second case, the fake online scanner is launched, either by trojan that had to infect computer before, or from the websites like mentioned above – the  only difference that this time the websites have banners or pop-ups leading to the scan-page of Antispyware Protector. From this one may conclude that it is possible to catch the infection at any web-page adverting Antispyware Protector. If you do not see the scan window and fake alerts by Antispyware Protector or they have suddenly disappeared, that does not mean the malware no longer reside or have never resided on your PC unless Antispyware Protector removal has been duly performed. Such situation may be explained by peculiarities of Windows that is able sometimes to forbid the activities of program obviously malicious like Antispyware Protector. However, Windows is just a  system that cannot say you anything when its alerts blocked. That is why Windows cannot alert users that there is a suspicious program installed without user’s permission but only blocks its activities, while the program in response disables Windows alerts.
You should remember whether you have visited websites offering to install security tools like this. It is easy to detect Antispyware Protector trojan as it keeps downloading websites of Antispyware Protector and / or its online scanners even if the program cannot run. It is important to remove Antispyware Protector, especially if Windows forbids its alerts and scan, for that under such situation lots of resources are wasted by Windows that creates slow computer problem and shortage of resources goes beyond the level when complex programs may still operate. Where Antispyware Protector runs at its full capacity, its scan is played at every Windows new session and the scan is profusely enriched with misleading alerts and nag screens.
Click here in order to start free scan and get rid of Antispyware Protector.

Automatic Removal of Antispyware Protector from your PC:

Once downloaded, Antispyware Protector attempts to disable Windows Downloader to prevent installation of true antispywatre that can remove Antispyware Protector. That is why it is strongly recommended to remove Antispyware Protector at the earliest opportunity. If you are unfortunate to be unable to download the tool recommended below, you may do it at another machine and transfer Antispyware Protector remover with any transportable memory (flash etc.).

Download Antispyware Protector Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Antispyware Protector:

You may get rid of Antispyware Protector manually following the guide below. In order to ensure the removal of Antispyware Protector has been performed correctly so that you have got rid of this malware it is advisable to follow the link above and install free scanner that will detect Antispyware Protector, if it has not been removed, and any other infections possibly residing at your computer.
It is a general recommendation to print the instructions out removing malware manually in order to have all programs inactive, except those directly engaged in the Antispyware Protector removal process. It is also recommended to disconnect to the Internet before starting the removal of Antispyware Protector.

Remove Antispyware Protector files and dll’s

AntispywareProtector 1.32.lnk
AntispywareProtector Website.lnk

Unregister Antispyware Protector registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AntispywareProtector”

Antispyware Protector Remover with free scan