Description of AntiSpyware 3000 and consequences of its residing on your PC

AntiSpyware 3000 (AntiSpyware3000) is a program offered for 50 dollars price. That price is standard for fake computer security tools. If you care of you computer security indeed, even though you have already bought this so called antispyware you still need to remove AntiSpyware 3000. AntiSpyware 3000 belongs to the category of fake antispyware which promotion includes harming of computer to the suggestive purposes, that means in addition to scaring alerts users notice scaring changes. There is a variety of malware that can control damaging process and would not disorder OS and delete files intentionally in case of installation of full version and even in case of registration of the trialware, but AntiSpyware 3000 does not belong to this type of rogues. Part of AntiSpyware 3000 responsible for harming activities is independent from those parts generating alerts and pop-ups and scan window of AntiSpyware 3000 so that registration (purchase) cannot stop the destructive process as there is no relation between destructive and adverting activities of AntiSpyware 3000. Consequentially, you still need to remove AntiSpyware 3000, even though you are running its full version.
As you can see, there is no much pleasure in having this malware installed. The case of system crush caused by AntiSpyware 3000 has not been observed or reported yet, but it does not mean such case cannot happen. Click here to start free scan and get rid of AntiSpyware 3000.

AntiSpyware 3000 Technical Details

  • Full name: AntiSpyware 3000, AntiSpyware3000, AntiSpyware-3000
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

AntiSpyware 3000 screenshot:

Signs of being infected with AntiSpyware 3000:

The most noticeable action of AntiSpyware 3000 is its scan. There are two types of scan run by AntiSpyware 3000. Before explaining them you should understand that it is not an actual scan, i.e. there are no files monitoring and inspection in the scan of AntiSpyware 3000, but only imaging of hackers’ imagination, which is why it may be all the same at millions of computers.
One type of scan is online and another is generated by installed full or trial version. The online scan appears after visiting websites with AntiSpyware 3000 pop-ups or after redirection of browsing to the website the same with above popup. A popup in this context is the advertisement at a website in the form of non-requested downloading of another (adverted) website. In this sense, AntiSpyware 3000 trojan also generates a popup. The website scanning computer online loads dozens of fake alerts; finally, the downloading of AntiSpyware 3000 trial may be launched no matter you have always clicked No or Close.
The scan window generated by trialware or full version of AntiSpyware 3000 may, what is fanny, list at the same computer nearly in the same time radically different threats in comparison to those listed in online canner. There are two subtypes in this type and principle divergence is indication of the route to the threats detected. Remove AntiSpyware 3000 and you will see that the threats “detected” by this malware have not and will not endamage your computer.
Normally, AntiSpyware 3000 scan originated by trialware is accompanied with alerts invoking to pay for the registration. Other category of alerts is screened when the scan is not in progress at the desktop toolbar. General meaning of all fake alerts of AntiSpyware 3000 is always the same though.
Click here to detect and remove AntiSpyware 3000 at the earliest opportunity; if you can complain only on repeating redirections to online scanner, remove AntiSpyware 3000 trojan as you can blame it for these repeating scans.

Automatic Removal of AntiSpyware 3000 from your PC:

You can get rid of AntiSpyware 3000 and remove AntiSpyware 3000 trojan, as well as any other rogue, once and for all, following the link below. Alternatively, follow the link below to start free scan and detect any rogue resident of your computer and try to find and apply relevant manual removal guidelines here at this website or searching other similar blogs or googling the corresponding names.

Download AntiSpyware 3000 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of AntiSpyware 3000:

These guidelines for AntiSpyware 3000 manual removal shall be printed out before the AntiSpyware 3000 removal process launched. Failure to do so implies using text editor or browser to read the guidelines, but it is strongly recommended that you have all programs inactive before you start to remove AntiSpyware 3000 manually Showbox Download App. Exemption is granted to those programs you must use while removing AntiSpyware 3000, e.g. Registry Editor.

Remove AntiSpyware 3000 files and dll’s


Unregister AntiSpyware 3000 registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AntiSpyware3000.exe”

AntiSpyware 3000 Remover with free scan