Description of AntiMalwareGuard and consequences of its residing on your PC

This post was created 14th of May, 2008. If you are reading this in a quite long while and not only for fun or studying, it should be treated as evidence that AntiMalwareGuard attack is still going on. First what I must say: this slut is very cunning and thus may trick you when you rely on your own skills only removing or detecting AntiMalwareGuard. Professional AntiMalwareGuard removal is preferable. Click here to get rid of AntiMalwareGuard using reliable removal tool.
The longer AntiMalwareGuard acts, the worst after-effects will be. The distinct trait of this malware is its ability to make sharp attacks. When you are really about to believe in your system collapse, just take some more time and reboot your system, the storm may be over, and only rare alerts will advise you to check whether something wrong. AntiMalwareGuard developers and promoters fully enjoys all the benefits from cooperation with criminals which pay them for stolen data, mainly, of course, Spyware.IEMonster.b for credit card details, but, at the same time, certain files? behavior among those constituting this  badware indicates that your browsing pattern is also studied by AntiMalwareGuard and is very likely the results are sold to the marketing companies. I.e., when AntiMalwareGuard seems to be quiet, I mean no pop-ups and other annoying dirt, the spying activity is very intensive.
Conclusion: AntiMalwareGuard uses every possibility to get benefits, and everytime this is illegal way. Xpantivirus We dare expect all their links soon will be closed by authorized officials.

One if follow our advices may easily remove AntiMalwareGuard and protect PC from further attacks.AntiMalwareGuard Technical Details

  • Full name: AntiMalwareGuard, AntiMalware Guard
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation (
  • Ralted threats: AntiSpyware Master

AntiMalwareGuard screenshots:

Signs of being infected with AntiMalwareGuard:

So called dormancy period, when AntiMalwareGuard gives no obvious signs of presence, may take many weeks. There is a possibility for manual management of this badware. Perhaps, if the data stolen from your PC is considered very useful,  pop-ups will never appear. That is why we strongly recommend you to less obvious signs like PC slowing down, increased Internet traffic, errors in application run. I understand this is hard to or even unrealistic to detect the certain malware by these signs. At the same time, this is the evidence that something is not wrong and this is very likely to be a virus or malware. Click here to detect and remove AntiMalwareGuard right now. Detection of AntiMalwareGuard is completely free. If you have wondered sluggish performance of your system, there are no reasons to ignore this opportunity to scan for free your PC for malware.

Automatic Removal of AntiMalwareGuard from your PC:

Automatic removal saves your time and provides irreversible deletion of MalwareWar. Other malware could come into your PC bundled with MalwareWar. Our removal tool means free scan of all your PC memory for any kind of rogue applications. Click the link below to remove MalwareWar.

Download AntiMalwareGuard Removal Tool for Windows XP and Vista


Manual Removal of AntiMalwareGuard:

You may get rid of AntiMalwareGuard manually using the guidelines provided below.

AntiMalwareGuard may be removed manually if you have skills to manage your register and .dll files  or may ask a person with relevant attainments to help you in this. However, keep on watching them for updates, as this malware requires further studying, thus guidelines for manual removal may be changed.

Remove AntiMalwareGuard files and dll?s


Unregister AntiMalwareGuard registry values:



Removal Tool

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