Description of AntiAID and consequences of its residing on your PC

The  rascals that have developed and now are promoting and maintaining biggest family of fake security suites have decided to change the skins of new clones to be released into the world wide web; the pioneer malicious program of new graphic user’s interface of the said family, which is known as Wini  family, is AntiAID or Anti AID. At the same time, GUI is the only novelty introduced into AntiAID so that it does not differ much in its constituting parts and behavioral pattern from its forerunning clones, which number amounts to dozens of clones of same GUI starting from WiniBlueSoft and to SystemWarrior. Click here to remove AntiAID using StopZilla! that can effectively remove members of Winsoft family and related parasites.
AntiAID removal is advised, since this program slows host system down and may create a system vulnerability that will be exploited for dropping other counterfeits into the computer system infected with AntiAID adware. It is understood that another reason to get rid of AntiAID is just because it is adware, i.e. a program that bothers you and which scans and alerts hinder you from your work.

AntiAID Technical Details

  • Full name: AntiAID, Anti-AID, Anti AID
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

AntiAID screenshot (click to enlarge):


Signs of being infected with AntiAID:

Even though AntiAID has a new GUI that obviously differ from that of   Winisoft and several dozens of its clones, one would easily recall its forerunners by comparing the GUI of AntiAID and any preceding adware of Winisoft family. The point is that the general pattern of AntiAID’s front window is quite the same to that of its forerunners as all the structure has remained unchanged while the only obvious difference is a new background coloration and new symbol: the cross on the shield instead of three intercrossing rings of three different colors. There are also few other minor differences, which do not destroy the general pattern of Winsoft family counterfeit. Typical front window of AntiAID is provided above; remove AntiAID as soon as you have seen it. The front window is not a single way of frightening users into buying AntiAID, i.e. upgrading to the full version: there are plenty of alerts similar and same to those produced by other clones of Winisoft family.
AntiAID is typically downloaded and installed with trojan, though that does not exclude the option of its downloading and installation by users; there are plenty of online ads redirecting web-surfing to the websites suggesting to download and install  AntiAID adware. If you have ever been redirected to such websites, please make sure it was a popup but not a browser hijacker; the browser hijacker is a simple but malicious program code inserted directly into the web-browser to partly manage it. In particular, the hijacker related to AntiAID redirect you to AntiAID’s website.
Thus, the above are the signs which the rogue may be identified by so that you will know that you need to get rid of AntiAID. Click here  to start free system scan and perform safe and fast AntiAID removal or check if you have any other infections (for instance, a browser hijacker) .

Automatic Removal of AntiAID from your PC:

You need to be aware that AntiAID is rather not a single infection that you need to remove. That is, to remove AntiAID is essential requirement to your system safety, but other infections probably residing at your computer system may be even more hazardous. In addition, you may need to get rid of AntiAID related parasites. Follow the link below to identify infections harming your computer system so that you will have two options: either to remove AntiAID and other findings using AntiAID removal tool or to remove AntiAID manually and find relevant removal instructions to get rid of other infections found in the same way.

Download AntiAID Removal Tool

Manual Removal of AntiAID:

The following is a common measure to be performed prior to removal of any malware: please restart your Windows and ensure Internet connection is disabled and any software is not functioning until you complete AntiAID removal steps.  Of course, the tip is relevant in case you are going to remove AntiAID manually.

Remove AntiAID files and dll’s:

AntiAID\1 AntiAID.lnk
AntiAID\2 Homepage.lnk
AntiAID\3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister AntiAID registry values:

Run “8enyqcv1.exe”
Run “AntiAID”

AntiAID Remover with free scan