Description of Anti-Virus Number 1 and consequences of its residing on your PC

Anti-Virus Number 1 (AntiVirus Number 1) is a program with flatulent name that varies very slightly in all of its characteristics from the parental programs, which names are Anti-Virus 1 and Antivirus 2010. The sooner you remove Anti-Virus Number 1, the less damage it will do to your computer. It is a revolting tactic of promotion applied by hackers to make users buy as many copies of this useless program as possible, which tactic is to issue resource requesting commands, especially when other legitimate programs need them indeed, in order to disorder and slow down computer, and to make user believe it is because of the viruses found by Anti-Virus Number 1.
You should first of all remember how the trial version of this program has entered your computer. It is very likely that it has been installed by the trojan, which had been previously installed in some tricky fashion too, for it was much easier for the trojan than for rather heavy-weight program like Anti-Virus Number 1 to be installed secretly. Thus, already the way of installation reveals the tricky nature of this program. However, even if you have installed   Anti-Virus Number 1 trilaware by your own initiative, it affects your computer in the same manner, so there is no reason to hesitate removing Anti-Virus Number 1. Click here to start free scan and remove Anti-Virus Number 1, as well as any other infections, in particular, to remove Anti-Virus Number 1 trojan.

Anti-Virus Number 1 Technical Details

  • Full name: Spyware Fighter, SpywareFighter, Spyware-Fighter
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Anti-Virus Number 1 screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Anti-Virus Number 1:

The trojan of Anti-Virus Number 1 is a program serving the installation of commercial infections, and it is very rare case when it serves Anti-Virus Number 1 only. In principle, the trojan does nothing but facilitates the hidden downloading and installations of rogue programs like Anti-Virus Number 1, but that is enough to make it dangerous and recommend you to get rid of Anti-Virus Number trojan. Moreover, if you manage to remove Anti-Virus Number 1 quite early, you will avoid the installation of malware. It is quite easy to detect the trojan paying attention to websites you are visiting. If you have noted frequent redirections to online virus scanner and various websites advertising PC security tools and adult websites, it is very likely that the troja has infected your computer.
Once Anti-Virus Number 1 fake antivirus trial version has been installed, the program generates nag screen with scan window. The scan, likewise the scan in the parental programs of Anti-Virus Number 1, is not a scan as such but a pure trickery, because the scan window that you see is just a sort of scary movie that has only that relation to your computer that it is being played on it. The scan is accompanied with fake security alerts. The most popular texts of these alerts are the as follows:

Privacy Violation alert!
Anti-Virus Number-1 detected a Privacy Violation. A program is secretly sending your private data to an untrusted internet host. click here to block this activity by removing the threat (Recommended).
Internal conflict alert.
Anti-Virus Number-1 detected internal software conflict. Some application tries to get access to system kernel (such behavior is typical to Spyware/Malware). It may cause crash of your computer.

Click here to detect infections at your computer and remove Anti-Virus Number-1 threat, which may imply the removal of Anti-Virus Number 1 malware and trojan.

Automatic Removal of Anti-Virus Number 1 from your PC:

There are two equally effective ways to get rid of Anti-Virus Number-1 malware, here in this section we are describing in brief the automatic removal of Anti-Virus Number-1. We are recommending StopZilla! as Anti-Virus Number-1 removal tool that is very effective remedy against smitfrauds. The tool will remove both malware and trojans, and will reveal all the infections on your PC. Follow the link below to start free scan ad get rid of Anti-Virus Number-1 automatically.

Download Anti-Virus Number 1 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Anti-Virus Number 1:

Note: Anti-Virus Number-1 manual removal may not provide the removal of Anti-Virus Number-1 threat, for it may be necessary also to remove trojan. In order to detect the specific trojan, if it has arranged the hidden installation of malware, please follow the link above to start free scan. The infections found usually may be removed manually, if you find the corresponding manual guides. Search at the Internet through Google and at this website for relevant removal guidelines. Please, print this instruction out, because it is strongly recommended to disable Internet connection and have all programs inactive during the process of removal of Anti-Virus Number-1.

Remove Anti-Virus Number 1 files and dll’s
Anti-Virus Number-1.lnk

Unregister Anti-Virus Number 1 registry values:

Browser Helper Objects\{8D187DFF-423F-41d3-A331-A60DE5886675}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Drives swap”

Anti-Virus Number 1 Remover with free scan