Description of Anti-virus-1 and consequences of its residing on your PC

Anti-virus-1 or Antivirus1 is derived from Antivirus 2010 and Antivirus 360. These parental programs are infamous applications that have infected thousands if not millions of users with their advertising versions. Normally, users complain on the popping up alerts and nag screens and sudden scan generation by Anti-virus-1. That is good that they understand misleading essence of this program and want to get rid of Anti-virus-1 ads. However, they would be even more eager to remove Anti-virus-1 and would not put off the removal if they knew about the side-effects and other activities of Anti-virus-1, which are as follows:  Anti-virus-1 frequently addresses to the Windows command center and overloads it with requests so that Windows runs with errors and too slowly. In addition, Anti-virus-1 intentionally embeds small-sized objects to data files so that they are becoming to be damaged and information they contain cannot be read by corresponding applications.  That may be accompanied with timely alerts declaring your computer attacked by trojans and viruses and, of course, offering the best remedy to get rid of the problem which is to register (buy) Anti-virus-1.
The registration is also not a solution; once the program has been registered, it hides its alerts and scans, but in a while restores them and prompts user to pay for updates. There is no way to get rid of Anti-virus-1 alerts but to remove Anti-virus-1. Click here in order to start free scan and remove Anti-virus-1.

Anti-virus-1 Technical Details

  • Full name: Antivirus-1, Anti-virus1, Antivirus 1, Antivirus1
  • Version: 1
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Anti-virus-1 screenshot:

Signs of being infected with Anti-virus-1:

One may be interested to know how close Anti-virus-1 is with Antivirus 2010 and Antivirus 360. In terms of this program appearance, the main difference is the name indicated in the nag screens of the programs. The same sections and logos are used in the programs window of Anti-virus-1 and of its predecessors. The alerts are the same too, and they are even generated under the same schedule. Once you have seen scan window, nag screen or alert generated by Anti-virus-1, click here to remove Anti-virus-1. If its alerts and scans are banned as such cases happen, you may scan computer for free in order to detect infections following the same link above.

Automatic Removal of Anti-virus-1 from your PC:

The trojans may participate in the installation of and be installed prior to the Anti-virus-1. These trojans are not harmless as such so that their removal is also important for your computer security.  The number of various trojans supporting Anti-virus-1 is really big so all of them cannot be covered in one guide. Of course, it is unlikely that more than one trojan would facilitate one installation of Anti-virus-1, as well it is possible that trojans have not been used in your case at all. To be sure Anti-virus-1 is the only rogue program to remove, please do not hesitate following the link below to start free scan so that every infections can be revealed. Following the link below you may also remove Anti-virus-1 and other rogues automatically, else you may search this website or other computer security blogs for the relevant manual removal instructions to apply them afterwards in order to clean the computer manually.

Download Anti-virus-1 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Anti-virus-1:

It is important security requirements to disconnect to the Internet and have the minimal number of programs engaged in the process of Anti-virus-1 removal, which is why we are recommending you to have this instructions printed out and disable Internet connection or unplug the modem if you are going to get rid of Anti-virus-1 manually.
Please, avoid making omission and mistyping, for that is very risky to remove wrong Registry keys and leave any part of Anti-virus-1 undeleted.

Remove Anti-virus-1 files and dll’s

Unregister Anti-virus-1 registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{70FEAD04-A7FD-4B89-B814-8A8251C90EF7}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Monitor calibration”

Anti-virus-1Remover with free scan