Description of AdvancedPrivacySuite and consequences of its residing on your PC

AdvancedPrivacySuite pretends to protect your computer from various threats in the Internet. In fact, AdvancedPrivacySuite belongs to the same tribe too. By the other words, this program is malware; you should remove AdvancedPrivacySuite to protect your privacy, how strange would not be this pun. AdvancedPrivacySuite is, in particular, known as a program that applies a number of tricky methods for obtaining secret data from you. The simplest but, perhaps, the most efficient way to get such data is naturally cheeky: users who trusted in what this rogue promised and purchased a license have posted a number of complaints on this malware that after its purchase by on-line payment with credit card corresponding info was probably stolen by carders and utilized by criminals so that credulous users’ losses were significant.  Do not linger with AdvancedPrivacySuite removal.
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The above described case of hacking with the help of AdvancedPrivacySuite has not been verified, however. However, even without this there are a number of reasons for you to get rid of AdvancedPrivacySuite. This rogue is weakly compatible with your system so that only due to this users, which installed or were infected with AdvancedPrivacySuite suffer of slow computer problem and disabling and errors in functioning of some applications. In addition, AdvancedPrivacySuite to the suggestive purposes intentionally affects your system. Such a combination of factors sooner or later results in system crush.

AdvancedPrivacySuite Technical Details

  • Full name: AdvancedPrivacySuite, Advanced PrivacySuite
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Version: 2008
  • Origin: Russian Federation,

AdvancedPrivacySuite Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with AdvancedPrivacySuite:

AdvancedPrivacySuite may be installed both manually from the vendor’s web-site or case of hidden download using a common hacking method may happen. In both cases it is strongly recommended to remove AdvancedPrivacySuite asap. In the latter case, detection of AdvancedPrivacySuite appears to be problematic. This is explained by basic restrictions of any system for malware, which are the stronger the higher your system security is set. That is why obvious signs of malware precence  There are three obvious signs of AdvancedPrivacySuite presence, namely,
– displaying of fake scan window in your monitor
– emerging of alerts prompting you to install licensed version of AdvancedPrivacySuite by scaring you with messages stating that your PC is in danger as few dozens of threats have been found
– and installation of icon at your system tray, usually of yellow color.
Once any of the above signs has been detected, immediately get rid of  AdvancedPrivacySuite.
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Automatic Removal of AdvancedPrivacySuite from your PC:

Automatic removal is always recommended, unless you do not use external memory sources, incl. Internet, at all. Such a way to remove AdvancedPrivacySuite ensures related malware detection and elimination.

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Manual Removal of AdvancedPrivacySuite:

Manual removal of AdvancedPrivacySuite sometimes takes too long time, especially if you are unfamiliar with such activities as Registry managing and .dll files deletion. Be aware that this rogue might have secretly installed additional infections so that AdvancedPrivacySuite removal without destroying other malware is likely to be insufficient to achieve the final goal of overall system recovering.

Remove AdvancedPrivacySuite files and dll’s:

Unregister AdvancedPrivacySuite registry values:


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