Description of AdvancedPrivacyGuard and consequences of its residing on your PC

AdvancedPrivacyGuard is a complex threat; this is, first of all, a threat for your computer overall safety. This rogue is not so dangerous in intentionally or planned to purpose harmful activities, though impact from them is also sufficient to cause great harm; however, impact from unintentionally made harm exceeds the planned damage, pre-planned by hackers to scare users for making them believe they need to install aggressively propagated solution alerting them of a seems to be real danger. Let us ignore, though it is essential for many of you, such unwanted effects as instant alerting, from which even a stone may start worrying and that diverts you from your activity, no matter how important is it for you. Remove AdvancedPrivacyGuard (Advanced Privacy Guard), this is badly designed product even for malware; it is obviously more harmful that it was planned; therefore, users can not expect computer restoration, at list for a few days, even in case of licensed version of this malware acquisition. Get rid of AdvancedPrivacyGuard (Advanced Privacy Guard) regardless of that which version, free or licensed, was installed in your PC.
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AdvancedPrivacyGuard Technical Details

  • Full name: AdvancedPrivacyGuard, AdvancedPrivacy Guard, Advanced Privacy Guard
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Version: 2008
  • Origin: Russian Federation

AdvancedPrivacyGuard Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with AdvancedPrivacyGuard:

AdvancedPrivacyGuard is rather weakly adverted in the web; that is way you have been probably infected but not installed free trial of this malware. It is a statistical assumption that sounds stupidly, we know, in such a context, because you rather know exactly whether AdvancedPrivacyGuard was downloaded manually to your machine or not. However, cases happen when users forget of such actions as installation of some security program, or someone else has installed it to your PC. Installing AdvancedPrivacyGuard means to give this malware all necessary allowances to function at its full capacity; that is way you should immediately see the scan generated by AdvancedPrivacyGuard after its installation in such a case so that its detection is very easy, if even needed, but, honestly, do you need evidence of this rogue installation if you installed it by your own -)? AdvancedPrivacyGuard detection is better to be performed by professional scanner in case of hidden downloading and installing (in this case scan may be generated much later than this rogue installed). Click here in order to detect malware free of charge and remove AdvancedPrivacyGuard and other threats found.

Automatic Removal of AdvancedPrivacyGuard from your PC:

AdvancedPrivacyGuard often comes in a bundle of malware. Therefore it is strongly recommended to apply complex tool capable to detect and get rid of AdvancedPrivacyGuard and its lovely relatives. Follow the link below to remove AdvancedPrivacyGuard once and for all and benefit from free from malware functioning of your PC.

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Manual Removal of AdvancedPrivacyGuard:

Please, follow the instructions below attentively and precisely to remove AdvancedPrivacyGuard manually but safely. Remember that single removal of AdvancedPrivacyGuard may be insufficient, where other malware reside at your PC.

Remove AdvancedPrivacyGuard files and dll’s:


Unregister AdvancedPrivacyGuard registry values:


AdvancedPrivacyGuard Remover with free scan