Description of  Active Security and consequences of its residing on your PC

Active Security (ActiveSecurity) is indeed very active software. It is programmed to disable a good half of well-known reliable computer security tools. The goal of such activities is clear and is to prevent Active Security removal.
Active Security was concocted in the lab of hackers who had previously developed and released PCScoute and ProtectionSystem adwares. ProtectioSystem was mentioned in reports of malware experts at the beginning of June while PCScoute had been released or detected right before Active Security.
Active Security is a sort of fake rogue antispyware. It attempts to make users buy it, i.e. to pay for its full version. Get rid of Active Security instead of investing into hackers’ funds and thus encouraging development of new counterfeits.
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Active Security Technical Details

  • Full name: Active Security, Active-Security, ActiveSecurity
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Active Security screenshot (click to enlarge):

Active Security

Signs of being infected with Active Security:

Active Security inherited skins and alerts templates from its predecessor. One would hardly tell Active Security from PCScoute, had they had same or similar names. The principle difference is that PCScoute’s size is less than that of Active Security as PCScoute does not detect and identify antispyware and therefore does not include relevant program codes.
Active Security is downloaded and installed by Vundo or Zlob trojan; it is also available for download at many of its websites. Those websites are supported by trojan-hijacker, which embeds itself to the browser of targeted PC and makes it open online Active Security adware. Active Security hijacker needs to be removed exclusively by special software!
Adware of Active Security bothers users with its scan window, which a part of its front window. Active Security typically starts automatically upon Windows warming up and that may result in extended time of Windows loading and repeated Windows loading failures.
Nag screens of Active Security are accompanied with warnings suggesting in different wordings to pay the activation fee.
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Automatic Removal of Active Security from your PC:

Automated solution for Active Security removal will remove all parasites related to Active Security adware. It is understood that Active Security removal tool is a conventional name designating particular software tested to remove Active Security adware and associated infections. Follow the link below to start free scan with Active Security removal tool.

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Manual Removal of Active Security:

Manual Active Security removal shall be performed under two basic stipulations:
• simple security prerequisite is fulfilled, which requires user concerned just to reboot before and after Active Security removal process keeping Internet and any software off for the interval between those two reboots;
• you are confident of the expediency of  Active Security removal in manual mode i.e.  you are sure you have nothing to remove but Active Security or you are going to remove all infections manually.

Remove Active Security and dll’s:

Active Security ReadMe.txt
Active Security Support.lnk
Active Security.lnk
Active Security Support.lnk
Active Security.lnk
Uninstall Active Security.lnk

Unregister Active Security registry values:

Uninstall\Active Security
Run “Active Security”

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